My Stash

By most avid quilter’s standards, my stash is a mini-stash at best. I have four underbed containers full of fabric (not the big ones, the smaller ones), and assorted sweater and shoe plastic boxes filled with fat quarters, kits, UFOs, etc, etc. But, I’m doing my best to grow the stash. I love going to my LQS and browsing through their $4.45/yd area. I get some great stuff there. I also love the remnants, most of them 1 yard or more each. I can’t bring myself to pay the $9.95/yd price just to put the piece in my stash. I will definitely pay that price for a specific purpose.

I’ve also been doing a little bit of purchasing from Marshall Dry Goods. Most of their name brand yardage is $3.99. Good quality stuff. I purchase kits and such from Lazy Mazy and spent quite a bit there this last six months. I’ve joined their Fat Quarter Club so I receive six fat quarters each month of some really great fabric.

So I thought I’d start keeping track of how much comes in and roughly how much I use each week. I’ll never be able to figure out how much I have already, but at least I can see if I’m anywhere near using at least a third of what I’m bringing home.

So here goes. This week I hit by LQS for 15.75 yards; 1.5 yards of that immediately was pulled out to be the back of a quilt I’m finishing for a Raffle for our Zonta Day at the Races in May. So that’s a net of 14 yards in. so far this week.

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