Judy’s Quiltathon

I’ve been away from my blog AND quilting pretty much all month. Not only that, I realized yesterday I have not made ANY fabric purchases this month. NONE NADA I can’t believe it. So I’m being very careful these last few days of March so I can keep my record in tact.

OTR with borders
OTR with borders

I actually started the quilting weekend last night. I got the final two flying geese borders on my OTR quilt. Then I cut and sewed together the final 3″ border to go outside the flying geese. I will get that sewn on this morning.

Next on my plate is to make up some quilt as you go squares from scraps. I’ve been wanting to try these for a charity quilt. I get bored easily when my quilt tops are done, so I need to inject some piecing in between.

I also have all the 4 patches ready for Bonnie’s Jared Takes a Wife. I may add the next round on each of those this weekend too. Lot’s to do. So I better get off the computer.

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