A Weekend to Myself

img_3389I’m so ready for this long weekend. I have been on the go for the past six weeks with no time for me. I’ve been to Reno for Zonta; Connecticut on business and work has been crazy. So this is MY weekend. It is foggy and cold here in the bay area so it’s a perfect day to stay inside sewing.

I have done a bit of sewing since I last posted. Here’s a little basket I whipped up on Mother’s Day weekend for my Mom. I think these are so cute, I couldn’t resist making one.

Here’s what I’ve got in store for me today. At least this is what I think I’ll be doing. Who knows what I get into.

Jared Takes a Wife gets borders today. I chose to make it with 20 blocks instead of 30. 20 blocks with sashing and borders just fits my queen size bed (to the skirt) without covering the pillows. That’s the way I like it. So today I’ll add the green and purple borders. I’ve kept it in two pieces so it will be easier to quilt and then I’ll join them.


And, then this is where I get stuck every time. What to do for the quilting. I’d live to hear your ideas for how to quilt Jared Takes a Wife. I’m been sitting here staring at it on my design wall and aside from something in the sashing and straight line quilting on the green squares, I’m not sure what to do.

Next up, I’ve got to finish putting together the big blocks for Judy’s Stash Quilt and then move on to the sashing. Judy hasn’t posted the border directions yet so hopefully I’ll be caught up by the time she does.


Then I’m hoping to get the borders quilted on my Orange Crush quilt. And, if I’m really ambitious, I may figure out how I want to quilt the borders on OTR.

Whew, if I get all that done, I’ll be ready to go back to work on Monday.

Thanks for stopping by and do leave me a comment about quilting ideas for Jared!

Have a great long weekend.

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