Half Year Stash Report

I’ve been away on business and busy with other family things for the past two weeks. So not much quilting has been going on here. And, now it’s hot, hot, hot in the bay area again. We are just not equipped to deal with this type of weather. No air conditioning and no breeze to speak of. I guess I shouldn’t complain too much. I just got back from Atlanta where it was 91 and humid. It’s only 86 and dry here. The problem is this house just holds the heat so in the evenings it’s actually cooler outside than inside.

Yesterday, all I managed to do was cut some fabric for several baby quilts I need to get done before the little ones start arriving at the end of August.

So that leads to my stash report for this week, month, half year. I managed to cut into 7 yards of fabric yesterday which is enough for at least two maybe two 1/2 baby quilts I have in mind. However, I did receive my Connecting Threads order or 2 Thread Packs and of course three sets of Riviera 2.5″ strips So whle I busted 7 yards, I also added 4 yards of strips back. Or, do strips really count??? 🙂

2009 Fabric In    91.52
2009 Fabric Out    40.25
2009 Net    51.27

The fabric I cut is in the wash right now. It’s going to be another hot one, so I don’t know how much I will get done today. But I’d like to get the washed fabric cut into the pieces I need and maybe some mindless sewing of the pieces together. I’m sure I won’t be turning on that iron.  I’m using Kimberly Camou’s Sassy Sixteen pattern modified to only 12 blocks instead of 20. This comes out to be a good size for a crib.

I’m looking forward to the three day weekend next week. I just know it will be foggy and cold. It always is on the Fourth. Last year the fog was so thick I could not see the road in front of me when I was leaving my brother’s after Fireworks.

More later and hopefully some pics too.


  1. I’ve heard of the sassy sixteen pattern, do you like how it goes together? I’ve been looking for it in stores around here, but haven’t found it yet. It’s been warm and humid here too, but we have AIR!!


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