So what did I get done today?

Besides starting another book, I futzed around all day in my sewing area.

I decided to add another row of seven blocks to make it 7×8 blocks. Yesterday I made three more 12″ square string blocks so they could be cut for the Diamond Strings quilt I started last year. So today I cut the strips, made the blocks, added the sashing, and added the row to the quilt. Whew. Took me a couple of hours to do that. I’ll add a picture of the top tomorrow.

img_3900Then I got busy cutting up scraps and partially used Fat Quarters into 1.5″ strips for the zippered bags I’m making for our women’s shelter. These will be filled with the hotel size toiletries. I also cut the 10″ squares of pink lining fabric. Then I sewed together a bunch of batting scraps to make 12 10″ squares. So, now I’m all set to sew the strips in a QAYG manner.

In between, I sorted through more fabric and UFOs trying to get organized for the new year of quilting ahead.

It’s 9:40 pm now and I’m bushed. I’m going to hit the sack with the Jonnie Jacobs novel I started this morning. More tomorrow.

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