Today’s Project…

img_4166Mary posted about the One Million Pillowcases Challenge on her blog and I just couldn’t resist. I’ve got some cute fabric in my stash that just isn’t making it into any quilts anytime soon. But what cute pillowcases it will make.

So I whipped these two pillowcases out when I got home from work using the hot dog method. Very quick and very fun to make. From start to finish they didn’t take me more than an hour. I’ll be making lot’s more of these. They are great for when I just want to do some mindless sewing when I get home from work.

So that’s two yards of fabric busted so far this year. 🙂

I spent yesterday doing more organizing and scrap cutting. I also started cutting up some truck and train fabric into 6.5″ square for more Quilts for Kids from my own stash.

Today it was back to work and I was actually glad to get back after almost two weeks away.


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