On my way to Seattle

Today, I’m on my way to Seattle. I’ll be attending a User Assistance conference this next week that starts tomorrow evening and decided to go early for a mini vacation. My colleague, Shannon, will arrive tomorrow afternoon so until then I’m on my own.
I’ve been to Washington several times before but never Seattle. My son was stationed at the Bangor submarine base in the early 1990’s while in the Navy so we always visited that side of Sound.
Of course the first thing I researched were quilt shops and found one on First and Union Streets about a block from Pike Place. Not sure if I’ll go there today or tomorrow morning. And, of course, I’ll be visiting the Flagship Nordstroms which is about a block from my hotel.
I’m looking forward to posting from my iPhone to keep a journal of this trip. This post is being written somewhere near the California and Oregon border at about 30,000 feet. But of course it won’t actually post till we land. We took off about 15 minutes late because the tow vehicle broke and they had to round up another one to back us from the gate.
More later…

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