Finally a Stash Report

Can’t believe it’s the middle of June already. Where has this year gone. My last post was two months ago!!!

I’ve got so much to share. I’ll try to do it in the next few posts. I’ve been quilting up a storm and working way too hard. No time to add any posts to my blog.

So let’s start with this weekend. I finished my Christmas Lights top, finally. Sewed together the last of the rows Friday night and added the three borders yesterday. Whew. It’s probably one of the largest quilts I’ve made yet at 79″ x 67″. I tend to work on smaller quilts because the quilting is so much easier and I like to get things finsihed. Ha Ha.


Also, I received my box of strings and blocks that I won a couple weeks ago on Amy’s blog. Thank you Amy. Can’t wait to start making more blocks to go with the ones you sent.

As for Stash, well here are my stats. The good news is I haven’t purchased one scrap of fabric since March 20th. I’m on a roll here.


Given all the quilting I’ve been doing I haven’t used that much yardage. That’s because I’m trying to get my scraps used up. I’ve made three tops all from scraps so no yardage used there. I count the scraps as used when I cut up the yardage for whatever quilt they come from.

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