Stash Report 6/27

Well, it was Grandkids-2, Sewing-0 around here last weekend. So not much progress on the stash until yesterday. My grandkids are gone for the next four weeks now so my weekends can be devoted to finishing up these WIPs that have been hanging around for too long. Here’s my report for the past two weeks.


I’m still on a roll not purchasing fabric. On Wednesday, it will be 90 days since I’ve purchased any fabric.

I made some progress putting together a couple of backs for baby quilts. And, I’ll be doing more backs today, but I’ll count those next week. In the meantime, I did make a nursing cover for my niece’s baby shower next Saturday. It was so easy. And, to think they charge $35 in the stores for these.

nursingcoverMy niece picked the fabric from my stash and then I looked at a couple of tutorials (here and here) to get the measurements, etc.

It was hard to take a picture because the fabric is black with colored polka dots. I flipped the bottom corner to show the pocket on the inside. There is one on each side. The trick is the boning that you place in the middle of the top. That’s what holds the cover away so the mother can see the baby while it nurses. Cute idea actually. What will they think of next.

To see how everyone else is doing in the stashbusting efforts, check Judy’s blog.

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