Stash Report July 11

How to do you calculate your stash used? Do you count it when you pull it for a project? Do wait until it’s in the quilt? Do you take the easy way and use the yardage measurements on the pattern? Just curious.

I don’t count it until I cut it. So my numbers look very low for the work I’ve done on my Celebration of Freedom quilt. I’ve been cutting yardage as I am ready for it. Surprisingly the center medallion took very little yardage. I’ve used mostly the cream background fabric.

So here is my report for this week. I’ll be cutting a lot more today, but that will go in next weeks report.


I’ll show my progress picture for tomorrow’s Design Wall Monday report. I’m almost finished with all the blocks so it is progressing nicely.

As you can see, I’ve broken my 90 day run of “no buy”. I’ve been watching the Missouri Star Quilt Co’s Daily Deal and when the Breathe of Avignon was listed last Tuesday I could not resist. This is a fabric line I want to collect. So I will be grabbing it every chance I get.

Enjoy your Sunday and hop on over to Judy’s blog to see how everyone else is doing.


  1. The Missouri Star Quilt co has some great deals. They are hard to pass up.

    I don’t count my fabric used until I finish the project. I can’t be trusted to finish a project so that’s the deal I made with myself. Otherwise, I’d have piles of cut and half-sewn fabric laying all over the place. I’ve got 4 projects in the works now.


  2. I count it when the project/quilt is bound and finished or has left my possession. It makes my numbers look small b/c I have lots of WIPs and UFO’s but it also makes me want to finish each project so I can count the fabric.


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