Paris Day 3

We just about slept the day away, both of us waking about 10:30 am. We managed to get out of the apartment by 12:30 or so. We headed out to the Metro to go to the Bois de Boulogne on the Western edge of the city.

The sky was overcast and we knew it was supposed to shower late in the afternoon so we were prepared, sort of. I had my umbrella, K decided to be brave.

We managed to find the Bois de Boulogne even though we didn’t have a map that covered that far out of central Paris.

We walked along the Eastern edge of the park and found a lake with row boats, pony rides, ducks, etc.

Much like Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park. The big difference is that the parents take charge of the ponies, leading their young one around the park at will rather than all the ponies leashed to each other and traveling around in a circle.

We had lunch of ham and cheese sandwiches from a concession stand by the lake. This is very typical take-away food all over Paris. We had similar sandwiches yesterday at Brioche Doree.

We then headed in the direction of the Museum Momartton to see the Monet exhibit. we found out this is a private museum not covered by our museum pass. Lovely Monets and a few Renoirs among other pieces.

Now to find the Metro station to head back to central Paris. We managed to get directions from the guy at the coat check station and we understood his French as well…well K understood his French.

Translation: Sortie means Exit

The rain had started just as we got to the museum and seemed to let up a bit when we left. We made it almost to the Metro station but it was after five and it was time for a cocktail. After a Kir Royal for me and a glass of champagne for K we hopped on the Metro.

But our adventure had just begun. We managed to transfer from the green line to the orange line but only got to Concorde when there was an announcement in French of course and we followed everyone off the train. Not having a clue what was going on or how long the delay might be, we decided we were within walking distance so we would just go for it.

Many steps later we had walked along the Rue du Rivoli from the Western end of the Tuilleries, past the Louvre, all the way to the street where our previous apartment was located. It was raining, but the side walk is covered a good part of the way. We did have to duck into BVH to buy K an umbrella. It’s now 7:30 so we stopped to eat at one of the restaurants below our old apartment. We both had the chicken, mushrooms, and rissotto.

14,464 steps later we arrived back at the apartment about 9:30 ready to call it a day. Tomorrow we will try for the flea market once again. This time we have set our alarms for 9 am.

Today my color was blue. Since we were mostly in the park or walking along busy streets there emerged a street sign theme. 🙂

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