Getting It Done January Report/February Goals

My goals for January were:

  1. Finish Easy Street Top.
    Finished the top and I’ve got the borders ready to add.
  2. Use up the leftover Easy Street units.
    Made a mini-Easy Street quilt 45″ square from the leftovers. This quilt is now just waiting for the binding to be hand sewn down next weekend on a road trip.
  3. Sandwich Double Delight ready for quilting.
    Had a fun time sandwiching this quilt using the island in my son’s kitchen. I’ve found my new sandwiching “table”. This quilt is finally all ready to quilt.
  4. Make Orca Bay border units.
    Somehow I turned this goal into making the border units for my Blue Roll Roll Cotton Boll instead. Well at least it’s progress on a UFO.

In addition this month, I quilted six quilts finishing three by machine stitching the binding. The other three will be hand stitched next weekend. Not a bad month.

Here are my February Goals:

  1. Finish Orca Bay border units
  2. Finish Blue Roll Roll Cotton Boll top
  3. Hand sew the three bindings for the quilts finished in January
  4. Sandwich Easy Street

Look here at what others have accomplished.


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