Design Wall Monday 4/29

On my Design Wall today are the same pieces for Lazy Sunday as last week. No progress there.

But new on the wall are the Blue scrappy blocks I’ve started for Bonnie’s Pineapple Blossom for my grandson. He wants a Blue and White quilt "with no turquoise please". So I cut some strips from every medium to dark blue in my stash for this one.

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Design Wall Monday 4/22

Today is the day we go bagless in our county. No more shopping bags. I have been hit or miss about bringing my own bags for while now. But with the knowledge this was coming, I’ve gotten used to carrying a scrunchie bag or Target bag in my purse and I keep extras in the car for bigger shopping trips. This is a good thing, but like every other change, it will take some adjustment.

I had a good weekend busting stash for two backings and getting a couple quilts ready to quilt. See my previous post. I’ll report my stash busting for April next Sunday. Once a months seems enough for me.

Here’s what’s on my design wall today.

Bits and pieces of Bonnie’s Lazy Sunday mystery found in Quiltmaker and one wee little Wild & Goosey block.

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Design Wall 1/28

My blue Roll Roll Cotton Boll is on my Design Wall today. It’s actually been on the wall since last weekend. I’m slowly working through all the border units as leaders/enders for finishing up some other projects.


I’ve pretty much decided to insert the blue inner border. It’s the same fabric as the small triangles and center squares. The one constant in this quilt.

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Design Wall Monday 1/14

On my Design Wall today are blocks from a BOM from quite a few years ago. I remember I didn’t finish making the blocks, and I didn’t particularly care for the finished layout. So these blocks have matured as a UFO.


My focus this year is to clean out these well aged UFOs. So I threw these up on the wall to see what they will become. I sort of like this layout as a start. I’ve got some ideas percolating to fill in the blank spaces. So my plan is to throw these into EQ7 and see what I come up with. But that will have to wait until I get home from my business trip at the end of the week.

This past weekend I managed to finish up my mini Easy Street top and get it sandwiched with a backing ready for quilting. I also got the binding sewn to the front of 16 Patch and Pinwheels which is my UFO for January. Making progress!

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Design Wall Monday and Easy Street Update

My wall is empty today. But that’s because I finished my Easy Street top late yesterday afternoon. So it’s on the floor. 🙂 The center is 65” square. I’m afraid the colors in the photo are a bit washed out compared to the real thing. Ah well.

I do have to add the borders. And, I did have to fix one 4-patch that was turned the wrong way. But other than that, this top will be ready to sandwich very shortly.

I made 3/4 of the number of units knowing I didn’t want a quilt as large as the directions called for. Given the size of the blocks and the layout, I had enough smaller units left over to make a second mini-Easy
Street. I’ve got the blocks half-way sewn for that one too. It will make a great baby-size quilt.

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Design Wall Monday 12/17

My design wall is in a bit of chaos at the moment. I am bound and determined to use up a Turnover I have had for a couple of years. It’s The Caroler from Moda which I got from Missouri Star Quilt Company’s Daily Deal.

What in the world do I do with a turnover if I don’t want to make a pinwheel top?

I decided to match up lights and darks and just stare at it for awhile until something comes to me. I don’t need my design wall for anything else at the moment.

Any ideas for using a single turnover of this fabric line would be greatly appreciated.

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Shaded Four Patch Tutorial

For Bonnie Hunter’s Easy Street Mystery Part 3, we are asked to make more (I’m still working on these units from Orca Bay 🙂 ) shaded four patches. While the method Bonnie uses works fine, I’m bored with sewing triangles on squares. So, I searched around on the web and found this method in Billie Lauder’s YouTube video and a couple of other places. Although, the instructions weren’t for the size we need. So I decided to experiment and I came up with this, which works perfectly for me.

1. Cut two 2” purple squares from the purple 2” strips as in Bonnie’s instructions.

2. Cut two 2 3/4” rectangles from the white/black 2” strips.

3. Sew each purple square to a white/black rectangle. Press the seams toward the right. Mine are finger pressed at this point.

4. Sew the two rectangles together with the purple squares at opposite ends, just like a four patch.

5. Clip the seam allowance in the center so you can press the seams toward the white/black on both sides. Again, mine are just finger pressed.

6. Using the Easy Angle ruler or in my case, the Fons and Porter equivalent ruler, slice the finished unit in half diagonally as shown to get two perfect 3 1/2” triangles.

7. Sew two 3 1/2” triangles to the newly cut units as in Bonnie’s instructions to complete two 3 1/2” square unfinished units.

And there you have it. Another way to make the shaded four patch unit.

Update 12/10/2012: It was mentioned to me that this method was also shown in a book by Sally Schneider (Scrap Mania: More Quick Pieced Quilts). So, I’m happy to give credit where credit is due. Although I have no direct knowledge of Sally’s method or the book myself.

Update 6/24/2014: Adding the additional step I’m using to complete the 3.5″ unit. Cut a 3.5″ x 4.25″ rectangle of the corner triangle color.  Using the HST ruler of your choice and mentioned in step 6, draw the cut line on the Step 4 unit. Place the solid rectangle on top of step 4, right sides together. Sew 1/4″ on either side of the cut line. Then cut on the cut line. You should have two perfect 3.5″ shaded triangle units.