Design Wall 10/8 and a Surprise

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Before I get into my design wallfloor today, I have to tell you that I’m being featured today on Phoenix Quilts all because I donated a quilt to aid the Colorado wildfire victims. It was such a surprise to hear from Jen, who wrote the post on for Julie. Anyway, head on over to the blog to see the wonderful work that Julie is doing for all the wildfire victims. What started as a plea for quilts from just her area has turned into a wonderful charity.

Judy, take a look and see which quilt I donated. Look familiar?

Now on to what’s on my wallfloor today. I do actually have a design wall but it hasn’t changed since last week. What did happen this weekend however, is that I completed the blocks for my Halloween quilt and turned my granddaughter loose with them on the floor. She is very picky about how colors go together so I thought she’d have fun with this one. And, she did. You can see her creative process at work in these photos.

The pattern is Pandora’s Box from Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott. And, I used a Jelly Roll of Monster Bash by Sandy Gervais for Moda. Definitely not my normal color palette but it was fun sewing the blocks together.

The pattern calls for 40 blocks for a 5 x 8 layout. But that is too long and skinny for my liking , so I adjusted it and squeezed out 42 blocks for a 6 x 7 layout. I’m hoping to get the blocks put together this next week before heading out for Shipshewana on the 17th. I’ll probably use some black and orange from my stash for some simple borders. Haven’t thought that far ahead yet.

This is the first time a Jelly roll has been cut turned into blocks within a week of it’s arrival.

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Design Wall Today

This weekend, I had to clear out my 1 1/2” strip bin. It was overflowing. I try to follow Bonnie’s Scrap User’s System. I cut mostly 2 1/2” and 2” strips but always try to get a 1 1/2” strip or two as well. I’m realizing that I don’t use 1 1/2” strips. Hence the overflowing bin. Here’s what it looked like Saturday morning:

I spent most of Saturday and Sunday taming these strips. Here’s what I accomplished:

At the end of the day Sunday, 42 4.5” x 6.5” blocks ready to be bordered on two sides with a solid and a top is born. And:

I had previously bought the Eleanor Burns Braid pattern/ruler with my 50% off coupon at Joann’s and said why can’t this work on 1.5” strips too. And, sure enough it does. I love these. I’ll keep going until I get the length I want. I’m thinking a quilt with three braids and solid sashing.

At the end of the weekend, I still had a drawer full of strips but it’s only about 3/4 full and all the strips are 18” or longer. Much more useful.

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FWS Marathon

I’ve got a lot to show from this weekend. Saturday morning I jumped into my Farmer’s Wife Sampler with both feet. I had four blocks done from over a year ago. I pulled out my bin with the fabrics I had set aside for this and by 4:00 pm on Sunday I had 20 blocks done.

I had so much fun with these. I was following Teri’s piecing instructions so they really were easy. I hope I’ll have time this week to do a few more. I’m traveling for business all week next week, so it might be awhile before I can get back to these.

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Design Wall 10/24

On my design wall today are some fun X-Blocks that I started this weekend. I got 26 of 48 blocks made.

From Blog Photos

I only had a yard of the orange polka dot background fabric. I’m hoping to find another yard of something close to it in Shipshewana this weekend. If not I’ll have to mix polka dot colors. That wouldn’t be all bad, but I’d like to keep the orange throughout.

Design Wall 8/1

I took a break from all my other UFOs and made a little quilt. I had my 9 year old granddaughter with me for the past five days and she “needed” a quilt for her new Build-a-Bear. I turned her loose with my box of 4 patches and she designed the center and then picked out the border fabrics. Note the 2″ “bear paw” patch I had to applique on the top. Then Grandma got to work assembling and quilting it for her.

From Blog Photos

I think it turned out great and it was a lot of fun to work on something small. I FMQ loops and wonky hearts all over it. Good practice on something other than meandering.

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Design Wall Monday 6/13 and a Puzzle

My design wall looks exactly the same this week as last week. So instead I will show a photo of the quilting I finished yesterday.

Kitchen Sink
Kitchen Sink

I know, quilting this quilt is out of order for Judy’s UFO challenge, but as I understand it, there are no quilt police. So I’m shifting things around. Having this one quilted will assure me a finish for June.

And, rather than putting the rows together on the 1930’s quilt on my design wall, this week I started yet another new set of blocks. All from scraps though, so I’m sticking to my “use what I have” plan.

So, here’s what has been puzzling me the past few days. I usually buy Warm and Natural batting by the yard when it’s on sale or with a coupon at JoAnn’s. Saturday I took my 50% off coupon in to stock up on batting. They had packaged Warm and Natural on sale 40%. So I decided to do some calculating on the full retail price to see which was cheaper, by the yard or packaged.

Well by my calculations, it is actually cheaper to buy packaged batting. Without considering coupons or sales, here are my calculations:

Packaged queen 90 x 108 = $34.99

3 yards of by the yard (108 x 90) at $13.99 a yard = $41.97

This was mind boggling to me since usually you get things for less when you buy in bulk or in this case by the yard. Has anyone else discovered this? Which do you buy?

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Design Wall Monday Feb 7

Here’s what is on my Design Wall today. I started these blocks at the Shipshewana Retreat in October and pulled them out yesterday as some mindless sewing to do during the Super Bowl.

I love how these have turned out. The pattern is Bonnie’s Pineapple Blossom. I have 25 blocks done even though only 20 are on my wall.

In other news, I managed to get my Strip Twist quilted on Saturday. But, I broke 4 needles and the thread broke at least a dozen times. Not sure if it is my machine (Sapphire 850) or the thread combination or what. Very frustrating but I got it done and it looks great.

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First Design Wall in 2011

img_5210Here’s what’s on my design wall this morning. Bits and pieces of Roll Roll Cotton Boll.

I started out following Bonnie’s color, but the pink was just really not hitting me right. So after I had most of the pieces done for the pink version, I decided to try it in blues. And, I loved it.

However, once part 7 was revealed, I threw it up on the wall in both color schemes and now I like them both. What’s a girls to do? I will end up making both versions. But not the full size in Bonnie’s instructions. These will be lap quilts.

Now I’m off to scare up some more neutrals. I’ve got a lot more string piecing to do if I’m going to make both versions. 🙂