Double Delight

Double Delight is my May UFO for Aunt Marti’s UFO Challenge and it is finished.

The pattern was the 2009 Mystery Quilt from Bonnie Hunter. So I started this is January of 2009 and finished it in February 2013.

This is the largest quilt I’ve finished to date at 76” x 87”. And, I quilted it myself on my Sapphire 850 in an all over large meander. It got me over the fear of making larger quilts, that’s for sure.

All the fabric came from stash. Nothing purchased for this quilt.

The border is actually two different blues because I ran out. But that adds to the scrapiness.

The back is a wild pink print with large scraps of blue on each side. More stash used.

Batting is Warm and Natural.

Check here for progress posts.

Getting It Done January Report/February Goals

My goals for January were:

  1. Finish Easy Street Top.
    Finished the top and I’ve got the borders ready to add.
  2. Use up the leftover Easy Street units.
    Made a mini-Easy Street quilt 45″ square from the leftovers. This quilt is now just waiting for the binding to be hand sewn down next weekend on a road trip.
  3. Sandwich Double Delight ready for quilting.
    Had a fun time sandwiching this quilt using the island in my son’s kitchen. I’ve found my new sandwiching “table”. This quilt is finally all ready to quilt.
  4. Make Orca Bay border units.
    Somehow I turned this goal into making the border units for my Blue Roll Roll Cotton Boll instead. Well at least it’s progress on a UFO.

In addition this month, I quilted six quilts finishing three by machine stitching the binding. The other three will be hand stitched next weekend. Not a bad month.

Here are my February Goals:

  1. Finish Orca Bay border units
  2. Finish Blue Roll Roll Cotton Boll top
  3. Hand sew the three bindings for the quilts finished in January
  4. Sandwich Easy Street

Look here at what others have accomplished.

Super Bowl Weekend Progress

Well it’s the end of the day on Saturday and here’s my progress. I’ve finished piecing and assembling my Double Delight. I’m really happy with it. But I’m going to take a break before I choose and attach the borders. I know I said in a previous post I wasn’t going to use the on-point setting, but I changed my mind. The setting triangles are all the same pink. I really like the way it turned out.
So now I’m working on Old Tobacco Road. I’ve had a lot of the pinwheels and four patches done for several months now, so I started cutting the bricks and assembling the top from the upper left corner. Here’s how far I got this evening.It’s pretty scrap color controlled. I’m keeping it to the golds, browns, blacks, very dark reds, with a few dark blues and greens thrown in. It took me a long time to decide if I even wanted to make this quilt. Now, I’m glad I am; as usual with Bonnie’s patterns.
I really want to join everyone tomorrow with a Strip Twist. But I can’t decide if I want it scrappy or controlled colors. I pulled these batiks thinking they might work nicely in the Strip Twist pattern. I’d love to hear opinions from all of you before I actually cut into them.
More on my progress tomorrow.

I know so many of you are freezing, suffering power outages, ice, and snow. But, I just have to say here in the SF Bay Area, we are experiencing spring-like weather. I know I should be thankful we don’t have the severe weather the rest of the country experiences, but boy I sure would like some winter. We really need the rain.

Warm wishes and prayers to all those who are suffering with the winter storms and power outages.

Double Delight Blocks Finished!

Yay! My Double Delight blocks are finished. Here’s most of them on my wall. I’ve laid them out in a straight set. I’m not sure I want to put them on point as the pattern calls for.

I’ll decide how about that and borders tomorrow, or maybe even Monday. I’m just so happy the blocks are done and I love how they turned out. Thank you Bonnie.

How are the rest of you finishing your Double Delight? I’ve seen a couple of people who are doing straight sets. Somehow, I like the chain blocks to be on the diagonal rather than straight. I did that with my Orange Crush as well.

Tomorrow, I plan to spend finishing up some quilting that I’ve been meaning to do. I’ve got some straight stitch grids to add to a small wall quilt that has been hanging around for almost a year. It’s even got the binding on it. So, I want this one off my list. Then I’ve got more quilting to do on my Orange Crush middle before I mark and quilt cables on the border. And, last but not least, I decided to machine quilt the wall hanging for my mom in my previous post. I tried hand quilting it last night and the fabric and batting are just too tough. So I’ll echo the star pattern by machine.

Wow, that’s a lot to do in one day. We’ll see how far I really get. I’ve got Monday off too, so some of it can roll over.

Double Delight Slow going…

Spent most of the morning out running errands and catching some NY sales. So I didn’t start sewing until about 12:30. I’m working on Part 1 and Part 2 of Double Delight at the same time. But it’s slow going. I must be sitting at the sewing machine too much. I can only sit for about 15 minutes at a time without my back hurting. My chair is all wrong for the table height, but can’t do anything about it right now.

As you can see, I’m making progress slowly. I sew a little, press those, sew a little more, then trim some, etc. I’m not going to move on the Part 3 until I have at least 80 units of Part 1 and Part 2 complete. But you can see my pinks waiting patiently on the left for me to finish. Ah, well, two more days until i have to go back to work on Monday. I should be able to get a lot more done by then. It isn’t a race after all…