Design Wall Monday 4/22

Today is the day we go bagless in our county. No more shopping bags. I have been hit or miss about bringing my own bags for while now. But with the knowledge this was coming, I’ve gotten used to carrying a scrunchie bag or Target bag in my purse and I keep extras in the car for bigger shopping trips. This is a good thing, but like every other change, it will take some adjustment.

I had a good weekend busting stash for two backings and getting a couple quilts ready to quilt. See my previous post. I’ll report my stash busting for April next Sunday. Once a months seems enough for me.

Here’s what’s on my design wall today.

Bits and pieces of Bonnie’s Lazy Sunday mystery found in Quiltmaker and one wee little Wild & Goosey block.

Linking up to Judy’s Design Wall Monday post today.

Getting It Done February Report/March Goals

Warning! Picture heavy but I love seeing my progress.

Here are my February Goals and progress:

  1. Finish Orca Bay border units
    Orca Bay top is finished as of 2/26/2013

  2. Finish Blue Roll Roll Cotton Boll top
    Top finished, backing made, and ready for quilting

  3. Hand sew the three bindings for the quilts finished in January
    Two bindings done (Double Delight, Truck Quilt), Easy Street mini is still waiting to be hand sewed down.
  4. Sandwich Easy Street
    Easy Street is sandwiched and ready for quilting.

In addition to these, I accomplished the following:

  • Finished the Truck Quilt and Happy Child

  • Completed a Crazy Eights top for a new baby arriving in April, and got it sandwiched for quilting.

  • Started Bonnie’s new mystery in Quiltmaker magazine, Lazy Sunday. Got most of Part 1 finished.

For March, my goals are:

  1. Complete the blocks for 9-Surrounded at retreat in Danville
  2. Complete the blocks for Picnic at retreat in Danville
  3. Sandwich Orca Bay
  4. Finish the baby quilt started in February

See what everyone else has accomplished in February here.