Baking is Done, Presents Wrapped…

Finally, Whew. Just finished my holiday baking. And while the cookies were in the oven, I finished wrapping the last gift. I’m ready. Which is good because I will be watching my grandkids for the next two days and I wouldn’t get this stuff done while they are around. All I have left to do is make my broccoli rings for Christmas Eve, but I won’t do that until Tuesday night.

Back to quilting. I’ve ben on a mission to get some of my tops ready for quilting. So, the first one out is my Orange Crush. I put the borders on a couple weeks ago. I just barely had enough of the purple to give it a 3 1/2″ border. But I really like it. Here’s a pic with the borders.

I’ve sandwiched it together and gotten some of the straight stitching done on it. I also used transparent nylon thread to outline inside the orange crosses. Not sure if I like it or not. Too subtle for me, but I didn’t know what other color to use. Now I just have to figure out what else I want to do on it. It is so busy, it doesn’t make any sense to do anything fancy.

Another picture I want to show you is of the six blocks from the Quilts Your Way Christmas in July swap. We only had six participants this year but I think the blocks are fantastic. I’m looking forward to putting a quilt together with these.

That’s it for now. I’m on vacation until January 5th, so I’m determined to post at least once every other day about my progress on my quilty projects.

Happy Holidays Everyone.

Excellent Weekend

This weekend I made a lot of progress on my projects.

First, I put together my Orange Crush top. I decided on the borders too. The inner border will be the light purple and the outer border will be the dark purple from the stars. I have to see if I can find more of the fabric, otherwise, the inner border will be 1.5″ and the outer border will be 3″. That’s about all I can squeeze out of the fabric that’s left over.

Next, I finished the Sassy Sixteen baby quilt I’ve been working on for my friend’s new granddaughter. Parker was born on July 3 so that’s not bad. It’s only 11 days late. The quilt is actually for my friend to use in the crib at her house.

The first pic shows how I quilted it. I used the serpentine stitch on my machine to do a diagonal grid with wavy lines. It really turned out nice, IMHO.

Lastly, I finished 7 more blocks for the Quilts Your Way Squishie Swap. That’s 12 out of 20 that are due the end of August so I’m ahead of the game at this point. You can see pics of all 12 in my gallery.

In addition, I started working up my granddaughter’s birthday quilt. I cut all the pieces for another Sassy Sixteen in princess fabrics. She is a little princess who will be seven in September. I also started playing with making some Diamond in a Square string blocks to use up some of the huge amount of strings I’ve accumulated over the past couple of years.

Pretty productive weekend for quilting at my house. But then with my grandkids in Louisiana until the end of the month, I don’t have a lot of distractions at the moment. My weekends will start getting busy again very soon. So I’m savoring all my quilting time right now.

Have a great week!

More Orange Crush Progress

I pulled out my Orange Crush last night and cut the orange and turquoise squares. The threw them all up on the design wall to see how those blocks were going to look with my purple stars. None of the 3.5″ squares are sewn together yet. I guess I just haven’t been too sure about this one so far.

Turns out I like the orange a lot. I couldn’t decide between the two shades of turquoise for the center square so I put both up on my wall. Looking at them in the picture I think I like the darker of the two. Much more rich in color. The lighter color is actually marbled fabric so it takes on different shade depending on where it is cut.

Maybe I’ll start sewing some together today after I get the Sassy Sixteen quilt sandwiched and ready for quilting.

So far this month here’s my stash stats:

67.5 yards in; 8 yards used; net 59.5 yards added stash.
But how could I not purchase fabric on my Lancaster County trip!

OC Steps 2-4

Finally, I’m a bit more caught up. This evening I finished step 2 and 3 and got everything cut and stacked together to complete step 4. Had to decide whether I wanted the light or dark purple to be the star. I think the light purple. I’m exhausted so I’ll sew the blocks together tomorrow.

Here’s Step 2

And here’s step 3

And here’s step 4 in position, but new sewn together yet.

I’m making only half as many units as required because I don’t want a full size quilt. Unless of course I love it and want to make more units. Such indecision!!

So here’s my question for everyone. Am I the only one that seems to have trouble positioning pictures when I upload them? I put my cursor in the place where I want the picture and it always ends up at the top of the entry. Then I have to drag it where I want it but of course it doesn’t go exactly where I think it will. So frustrating.

I’m tired and going to bed now.