Getting It Done in March/April Goals

My March goals were:

  • Complete the blocks for 9-Surrounded at retreat in Danville
    Not only did I complete the blocks, I got them all sashed with cornerstones, ready for borders.

  • Complete the blocks for Picnic at retreat in Danville
    Didn’t touch this one. I had too much fun making Scrappy Trip Around the World blocks instead.

  • Sandwich Orca Bay
    Not only did I get this one sandwiched, but it is now quilted (as of yesterday) and the binding is half sewn down. I had it in my head that my goal was to finish this quilt. Silly me.

  • Finish the baby quilt started in February
    Done and delivered.

In addition, to these goals, I:

  • Sandwiched Easy Street, Asian Splendor, and Roll Roll Cotton Boll.
  • I found a layout I like for the Pink Roll Roll Cotton Boll blocks I have finished.
  • Made a Topponcino for my niece who is expecting a girl in August.
  • Started a black and white quilt for my grandson.
  • Did quite a bit of hand quilting on the Christmas quilt that has been hanging around for way to long.

I’ll post pics of these accomplishments in another post.

For April, I’d like to:

  1. Sandwich Monster Bash (Need to choose and make a backing first.)
  2. Quilt Easy Street (Sandwiched and ready to go)
  3. Quilt Roll Roll Cotton Boll Blue. (Sandwiched and ready to go)
  4. Border one of the Key Hole quilts. (Decisions, decisions….)

Hooking this up to Judy’s Getting it Done in March post.

Getting It Done February Report/March Goals

Warning! Picture heavy but I love seeing my progress.

Here are my February Goals and progress:

  1. Finish Orca Bay border units
    Orca Bay top is finished as of 2/26/2013

  2. Finish Blue Roll Roll Cotton Boll top
    Top finished, backing made, and ready for quilting

  3. Hand sew the three bindings for the quilts finished in January
    Two bindings done (Double Delight, Truck Quilt), Easy Street mini is still waiting to be hand sewed down.
  4. Sandwich Easy Street
    Easy Street is sandwiched and ready for quilting.

In addition to these, I accomplished the following:

  • Finished the Truck Quilt and Happy Child

  • Completed a Crazy Eights top for a new baby arriving in April, and got it sandwiched for quilting.

  • Started Bonnie’s new mystery in Quiltmaker magazine, Lazy Sunday. Got most of Part 1 finished.

For March, my goals are:

  1. Complete the blocks for 9-Surrounded at retreat in Danville
  2. Complete the blocks for Picnic at retreat in Danville
  3. Sandwich Orca Bay
  4. Finish the baby quilt started in February

See what everyone else has accomplished in February here.

February UFO Challenges

It’s the end of February already. And, time to report on our UFO completions.

This month, Heather at Peachy Pages chose number 10. That’s this preemie quilt for me. I actually finished it in January.

And, Marti from 52 Quilts in 52 Weeks chose number 4, Orca Bay for me. While I didn’t finish Orca Bay, I did finish the top and that was huge for me this month.

Check out both blogs to see what everyone else completed this month.

February UFO Challenge

I’m particpating in two UFO Challenges this year in the spirit of my goal to Get It Done!

The first is Heather’s at Peachy Pages and second is Marti’s at 52 Quilts in 52 Weeks.

I got lucky for January. They both randomly chose Number 5. I finished that quilt. See post here.

For February, I got lucky again. Heather chose Number 10. For me it’s this preemie quilt that I actually finished in January.

Marti chose Number 4. For me that’s Orca Bay. That will be a bit of a challenge to finish by end of February. But who knows, I’ll give it a shot. I have the white inner border and the pieced border to add before I can sandwich it and get it quilted.

Productive Saturday

Today, I did the following:

  • Pieced the triangles needed to complete the sashing pieces for Orca Bay
  • Started adding more triangles to the HSTs for the Orca Bay border. These will be done as leaders and Enders for awhile.
  • Added red inner and blue outer borders on the construction truck quilt.
  • Pieced the pink and purple backing for Sloane’s Happy Child quilt.

Also, today I realized I miscounted the number of four patches I need for Part 1 of Easy Street. I made 63 but I need 130 or so. I’m afraid I will use up all the grey fabric on these and not have any for other parts of the quilt, so I think I will hold off making the additional four patches until more of the parts are revealed and I see where else the grey is used. In the meantime, I grabbed a grey top sheet that Mark wasn’t using for Darby’s bed and I will keep that in reserve if I need more grey. It matches the grey tone on tone I’m already using.

Orca Bay Part 2

I didn’t get to sew as much as I wanted this long holiday weekend. Today, I did get some of Orca Bay Part 2 done. First I cut all the 3.5″ foundations from some scrap paper.

Then I started sewing the blue strings. Here are a few of my blue string pieced 3.5″ squares; some trimmed and some not.

Last week I finished about 190 of the Black and Neutral QSTs done as well. Hopefully I’ll have more time to sew this next weekend.

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