April’s Getting It Done/May Goals

For April, my goals were:

  1. Sandwich Monster Bash (Need to choose and make a backing first.) Done.
  2. Quilt Easy Street (Sandwiched and ready to go) Done.
  3. It’s quilted and I’ve got about three feet of binding to sew down. It will be finished today since it’s my April quilt for a UFO Challenge at Heather’s blog.

    3. Roll Roll Cotton Boll Blue. (Sandwiched and ready to go) Done.
    This quilt is now finished and waiting to be given to my good friend Kipp.

    Read about it here.

4. Border one of the Key Hole quilts. (Decisions, decisions….)
Not so good here. Didn’t even take the top off the hangar. Sigh! Goes on next months list.

Other things I got done this month are:

  • Got the borders on and sandwiched Jared Takes a Wife, finally.
  • Started a Pineapple Blossom in all Blues for my grandson.
  • Got out an old UFO (with no name) and started sewing the 3.5” x 6.5” cut pieces together in a brick pattern for a charity quilt. This one has no particular plan. I’m winging it.

For May, my goals are:

  1. Border or sandwich one of the Key Hole quilts. Have to decide whether it gets borders or quilted as is.
  2. Quilt either Monster Bash or Jared Takes a Wife, or both.
  3. Finish the Pineapple Blossom blocks.
  4. Get Part 1 and 2 Lazy Sunday pieces done before the next issue is released.

That’s it for me. Go see how everyone else is doing here at Judy’ blog.

Roll Roll Cotton Boll (Blue)

This week I quilted and bound my version of Roll Roll Cotton Boll. I say blue in the title because I have a pink one in the works as well. This makes 10 finishes for the year, and it’s only April. This quilt is also number 1 on my UFO Challenge list which should have been completed in March. But better late than not at all.

All the fabric is completely from Stash. No new purchases to complete this one. Note even batting. It was pieced from leftovers too.

This top took a long time to finish because I really didn’t like the neutral string alternate block. I got the inspiration for the alternate block I chose from the Quiltville Yahoo Group photos. I really like how this turned out and it already has a home.

Size: 56” x 71”
Batting: Warm and Natural pieced
Backing: Purple and Blue pieced
Quilting: Large meander

See previous blog posts about this quilt here.

Linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it up Friday.

Getting It Done February Report/March Goals

Warning! Picture heavy but I love seeing my progress.

Here are my February Goals and progress:

  1. Finish Orca Bay border units
    Orca Bay top is finished as of 2/26/2013

  2. Finish Blue Roll Roll Cotton Boll top
    Top finished, backing made, and ready for quilting

  3. Hand sew the three bindings for the quilts finished in January
    Two bindings done (Double Delight, Truck Quilt), Easy Street mini is still waiting to be hand sewed down.
  4. Sandwich Easy Street
    Easy Street is sandwiched and ready for quilting.

In addition to these, I accomplished the following:

  • Finished the Truck Quilt and Happy Child

  • Completed a Crazy Eights top for a new baby arriving in April, and got it sandwiched for quilting.

  • Started Bonnie’s new mystery in Quiltmaker magazine, Lazy Sunday. Got most of Part 1 finished.

For March, my goals are:

  1. Complete the blocks for 9-Surrounded at retreat in Danville
  2. Complete the blocks for Picnic at retreat in Danville
  3. Sandwich Orca Bay
  4. Finish the baby quilt started in February

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First 2013 Stash Report

This has been a terrific month for stash usage, which means backings. Lots of backings.
13.82 yards Used since 1/1/2013
ZERO Added since 1/1/2013

Yesterday I finished my Blue Roll Roll Cotton Boll top and got it sandwiched.
Not sure if I’m up to quilting it today. We’ll see how the day goes. Maybe while watching the 49er’s this afternoon.

Linking up to Judy’s blog today.


Getting It Done January Report/February Goals

My goals for January were:

  1. Finish Easy Street Top.
    Finished the top and I’ve got the borders ready to add.
  2. Use up the leftover Easy Street units.
    Made a mini-Easy Street quilt 45″ square from the leftovers. This quilt is now just waiting for the binding to be hand sewn down next weekend on a road trip.
  3. Sandwich Double Delight ready for quilting.
    Had a fun time sandwiching this quilt using the island in my son’s kitchen. I’ve found my new sandwiching “table”. This quilt is finally all ready to quilt.
  4. Make Orca Bay border units.
    Somehow I turned this goal into making the border units for my Blue Roll Roll Cotton Boll instead. Well at least it’s progress on a UFO.

In addition this month, I quilted six quilts finishing three by machine stitching the binding. The other three will be hand stitched next weekend. Not a bad month.

Here are my February Goals:

  1. Finish Orca Bay border units
  2. Finish Blue Roll Roll Cotton Boll top
  3. Hand sew the three bindings for the quilts finished in January
  4. Sandwich Easy Street

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Design Wall 1/28

My blue Roll Roll Cotton Boll is on my Design Wall today. It’s actually been on the wall since last weekend. I’m slowly working through all the border units as leaders/enders for finishing up some other projects.


I’ve pretty much decided to insert the blue inner border. It’s the same fabric as the small triangles and center squares. The one constant in this quilt.

Look here to see what is on everyone else’s wall today.

First Design Wall in 2011

img_5210Here’s what’s on my design wall this morning. Bits and pieces of Roll Roll Cotton Boll.

I started out following Bonnie’s color, but the pink was just really not hitting me right. So after I had most of the pieces done for the pink version, I decided to try it in blues. And, I loved it.

However, once part 7 was revealed, I threw it up on the wall in both color schemes and now I like them both. What’s a girls to do? I will end up making both versions. But not the full size in Bonnie’s instructions. These will be lap quilts.

Now I’m off to scare up some more neutrals. I’ve got a lot more string piecing to do if I’m going to make both versions. 🙂

Design Wall Monday Nov 22


A quick post to show you what’s on my design wall. I’m working on three things at once. Big surprise!!

At the top of the pictures are the Churn Dash blocks I’m using to frame the autographed squares from my niece’s baby shower. She is using a jungle theme in the nursery so the green and gold fit right in with her color scheme.

Below those is just a sampling of Part 1 from Bonnie’s latest mystery that started Friday, Roll Roll Cotton Boll. As I usually do with these mysteries I’ve made half the number of units to see where this is going. I’m following Bonnie’s color scheme so far of pinks and greens, all from stash. I’ve got my browns and neutrals pulled from stash as well. Part 2 is coming up this next Friday. Can’t wait.

And at the bottom of the photo is the beginnings of a Twister Christmas Wreath wall hanging. I got the idea here. I already made a Twister (or Square Dance) quilt earlier this year for a baby boy. So I used the same 6″ size squares so I could reuse the template I made for that first quilt.

That’s my update for this Monday.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!