Shipshewana Recap

Can’t believe I haven’t posted about retreat yet. Or that it’s been over a months since I got back. Time flies.

As usual we had a wonderful time. It was great to catch up with all my friends from the Mid-West.

Four of us were making the same pattern, Crossroads. Three of us finished our tops, although one was a slight variation due to a cutting mistake. But it is lovely just the same. Mine is on the left in the pic below.

I also finished my wall hanging top that I purchased in Skagway, Alaska in June. It turned out better than I expected.

I did purchase some things, but I didn’t go overboard on yardage this year. Here’s my loot:

Bobbins and Bits from Pat Sloan purchased at Yoder’s.

Also, purchased at Yoder’s Savoniere Jelly Roll. The Rooster fabric came from Lolly’s basement. As did the Fat Quarters. The Atkinson Design’s patter came from our stop at Erica’s on the way home.

Christmas Towel and Table Runner kits purchased at Erica’s in South Bend.

Cute zippered bag for my rotary cutter from Atkinson Design’s purchased at Erica’s.

Paris Flea Market Fat Quarter pack purchased at Erica’s.

And then there was the free stuff:

Fat Quarter gifts from local merchants. The cute scissors were in Muffet’s door prize and she gave them to me. 🙂

And I won this cute table runner pattern and fabric. Donated by Carol’s boss, Terri Degenkolb of Whimsicals. I’ll start this one after the holidays.

We’ll all meet again in March in Danville, IL for our Winter/Spring retreat.

June UFO Finished

My June UFO was Flower Garden, which is the Kitchen Sink pattern from Kim Brackets book Scrap Basket Surprises.

I put the last stitches in the binding a few minutes ago. Here’s the pic:

I’m also really close to finishing my January UFO, Connect the Dots. Judy’s Mystery quilt from the Shipshewana retreat last year. Only the binding left to sew down. That will be finished before the end of the long weekend.

Can’t wait to see what number Judy draws for July.

UFO Progress Report

It’s time to look back at January and report my accomplishments. I’ve updated my 2011 UFO Status on that post here.

All I managed to get done on my mini-retreat at Sea Ranch was to make the pieced blocks for the border of Judy’s Shipshewana Mystery Quilt. That was my January UFO.

For some reason, I’ve had this obsession to clear out my crumbs and small strings. So I’ve been going nuts piecing crumb and string blocks. This is a great stress reducer and with all the job and house remodel stress this past month, this has been a therapeutic activity.

February’s UFO is #10. Choose one of my many Squishie Swap block sets and decide on a layout. If I get the top done, I’ll consider it a completion for February. Wish me luck!

Stash Report Oct 31

Happy Halloween!

This is my first stash report since July I think. And, it’s a big one. After shopping in Shipshewana last weekend, my stash is overflowing.

31.44 Yards in This Week
0.00 Yards used this week (all the work I did at retreat was cut a month ago)
129.59 Yards in Year to Date
41.52 Yards used Year to Date
88.02 Net Increase of Fabric in my Stash this year to date

To be fair, I did lose the months of September and October to my broken elbow. I can sew but I can’t cut fabric. I can’t put any pressure on my left arm to hold a ruler. My SIL had to cut all the fabric for Judy L.’s Retreat Mystery or I wouldn’t have gotten that done.

Here are my purchases from Shipshewana

FusionsKansas Troubles Summers End

Breath of Avignonimg_4941

Shipshewana 2010

Finally, I’m back. I haven’t posted in a long while because I broke my elbow in late August and had surgery to put four screws in to repair it. That was followed by a bout with some virus that knocked me off my feet for several more weeks. So September and the first part of October were like a blur for me. But nothing was going to keep me from making the trip to Shipshewana. I didn’t care if I had to sit and not sew all weekend, I was going. And, I did.

img_4901I feel like the last retreater to get a post up about last weekend’s amazing adventure to Shipshewana, IN for Ruthie’s Threads of Mine Retreat. This was my first quilting retreat and I traveled almost 2000 miles to be a part of it. I’m hooked and will be back next year and the year after.

Within an hour of signing up for the retreat last year, I met my new BFF who was my roommate at the retreat. I’ll refer to her as MS because she has a very unique name that can be easily located in a search. MS lives near O’Hare so she scooped me up at my hotel Thursday morning and off we went in her van for the three hour trip to Shipshewana. After a couple of wrong turns we got to the hotel by about 12:30. It was strange losing an hour since IN is on Eastern time and Chicago is on Central time and of course I was on Pacific time.

img_4919We shared a group of four tables with six other ladies, Jennifer, Carol (her mom), Lorelei, and Kathy from Indianapolis, and Judy L and Elaine from MO. We all be came fast friends. I met so many other ladies that were absolutely delightful. Ruthie of course, the organizer, Jill from Ohio, Eleanor who only lives 40 minutes away, and the list could go on and on. I don’t mean to leave anyone out.

I’ve posted all my pictures here on Picasa, here. A number of bloggers have already posted about the weekend so I won’t retell what others have already. You can read these blogs for more tales of the weekend: Jill Quilts, Judy L, Bonnie, Ruthie, Subee and I’m sure there are others I’m missing right now.

The absolute highlight of the weekend was getting to meet Bonnie and img_4842Judy L. in person. What a treat to have both ladies in the same room. Better yet, Judy sat right across from me and was generous enough to bring a machine for me to use so I wouldn’t have to lug mine on the airplane. THANKS AGAIN JUDY. Bonnie and her friends were directly behind me. I wasn’t the only one from California. Bonnie’s friend Randi flew in from Santa Cruz as well.

I had Judy’s mystery quilt all cut out and ready to sew. I started Thursday afternoon and put the last stitch in the top on Saturday about 11:00 am. (Can’t show a picture here because the Retreat mystery is currently being revealed on Judy’s blog for those who didn’t attend the retreat.) Why did it take so long you ask? Well, there were two trips to Lolly’s and Yoder’s and three meals at the Blue Gate to squeeze in between. Plus all the talking, laughing and general frivolity involved when you get 50 or so women together. It seemed like every few minutes someone had a new finished quilt or top to show and tell. So of course we had to stop to oooh and aaaah and take pics.

Pineapple Blossom blocksAfter I finished the mystery top, I started on Bonnie’s Pineapple Blossom blocks that I had all pre-cut and ready to sew. I was rushing to get a few done so I could get a picture of them with Bonnie. And, what did I do??? I didn’t ready her instructions closely enough. So when I presented her with 8 finished blocks, Bonnie very kindly pointed out that five were wrong. Talk about red on my face. See I read the instructions up to the second round of strips. That’s where I stopped and didn’t pay attention to the order I was adding the strips. Bonnie explained it would only become apparent if I tried to put the blocks together like a star rather than using sashing and cornerstones. So, those five blocks will now go on the back of my quilt and I learned a lesson I should have already known: READ TWICE and SEW ONCE! The blocks on the left are incorrect; on the right, correctly made.

img_4948I managed to buy enough fabric in Ship-Shop-Shewana (it’s new nickname) that my suitcase was five pounds overweight when I got to the airport. Not to worry. I had a tote bag all ready just in case. I just pulled out five pounds of fabric to carry on and was on my way. Here’s a pic of my purchases.

Mostly Moda’s Breath of Avignon and Kansas Troubles End of Summer. But I also slipped in an Asian Jelly Roll with matching border and binding fabric found at Lolly’s. I already have the pattern that was made up at the store, so I couldn’t resist. MS bought this one too. And, then I had to buy some of my favorite blenders Fusions 5573 at Yoder’s at $7.96 a yard. My stash report is not going to look so good tomorrow.

I’m off to unpack my suitcase that remains on the floor of my bedroom even now after being home six days. And, of course, to count how many yards of fabric I purchased for my stash report.