Long Table Runner

Finished my long table runner made with 2.5″ strips I cut from a Connecting Threads Hanami FQ pack. Measures 85″ by 16″.


I wanted it to fall over each end of my dining room table. The inner border is 1″ strips cut from one of the fabrics. The outer border and binding are from some navy yardage I had in my stash. It’s backed with 7 FQ leftover fabrics. I may have big enough pieces left to make some matching napkins. Turned out exactly how I had it pictured.

Lots of Stash Busted

Normally, I like to post stash results just once a month. But yesterday, I pulled out all my fabric yardage bins to take a hard look at some of the oldies that make me wonder what I was thinking.

I’ve also had Mary’s Quick Strippie Quilt on my mind lately and I wanted to make up some quick donation quilts. So I pulled and matched and pulled some more and ended the morning by cutting almost 10 yards of fabric to make five of the Strippie quilts.

Of course this means I’ve just started five new projects.

14.25 yards added this year
49.85 yards used this year
35.60 yards net stash reduction


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This and That

I woke up this morning determined to get rid of at least one little project that I had stashed away in a Baggie or food container. They are every where in my sewing space. Ideas I ran across and started making blocks or cutting scraps. Then stashed them away for later. Well now IS later.

The first up is the Summer Stars from last summer hosted by Temecula Quilt Company. They posted one 4.5″ star each week for eight weeks. I made four and stopped. However, I did finish all the flying geese for the star points. So today I sat down and finished the rest of the stars and got them into a top. Now I just have to decide on borders.


Second, I grabbed a Baggie of tumblers I started cutting from scraps years ago and started sewing them together alternating dark and light. There are not enough for a top yet, but it feels good to have them sewn together and gives me some motivation to cut more tumblers next time I’m cutting up scraps.

These two little projects made only a small dent in the stash of miscellaneous projects, but it’s a start.

May for Me

I’m going to participate in the May for Me Celebration this year. Click the button on my sidebar to find out what it’s all about. And, to get started, here’s a post about some playing I’m doing this week.

Here’s a little peek at assorted bins of quilty “stuff” on a shelf in my closet. I know, not much compared to some I’ve seen, but I have very limited space to store all the projects, fabric, etc. that come with this obsession of mine. This is just one stash.

I’m trying to use this stuff up and move it out. So I chose a bin of 3.5” x 6.5” bricks that I cut up some time ago from some Connecting Threads scraps I had. But I didn’t have a plan for these.

I pulled these out and starting putting them together in a brick pattern keeping the colors the same diagonally, if not the actual fabric pattern. I think I like it. I was going to try to make all the diagonal rows match in fabric, but I’m playing fast and loose on this one.

My goal is to get all these bricks into a top by the end of May. Then I can free up this bin for one of the many other UFOs stashed around here out of sight and out of mind.

This top is destined for a Donation quilt.

Stash Report for April

I’m happy to say I continue to be in the Green when it comes to fabric this year.

2 yards In this month
14.25 yards In Year to Date

15.58 yards Used this month
35.96 yards Used Year to Date

21.71 yards Net Year to Date out of my Stash

Wow, over 15 yards used in April. That’s because I made two quilts backs, several bindings, and 3 covers for the topponcino I made for my niece. Those covers used 1 yard each. That was a plus.

I did buy 2 yards of a blue that I really like from JoAnns. I had used all I had in my stash and needed more for the Blue Pineapple Blossom that I started for my grandson. I don’t usually buy fabric from JoAnns but there are a couple of staples that I keep around.

Stay tuned for Design Wall Monday tomorrow and Getting it Done April on Tuesday.

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First 2013 Stash Report

This has been a terrific month for stash usage, which means backings. Lots of backings.
13.82 yards Used since 1/1/2013
ZERO Added since 1/1/2013

Yesterday I finished my Blue Roll Roll Cotton Boll top and got it sandwiched.
Not sure if I’m up to quilting it today. We’ll see how the day goes. Maybe while watching the 49er’s this afternoon.

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Design Wall Monday 12/31

I had to get one last Design Wall post for the year. This is what my design wall looks like today.

On one side is this table runner that I made with a turnover of the Caroler. I was determined to get this turnover out of my stash before the end of the year.

The Caroler Table Runner

I finally decided what this turnover pack should become. I just made hour glass units by sewing the triangles together into HSTs, pairing up with a different unit, slicing and resewing. Easy. I’m going to call it Hidden Pinwheels because if you look closely, there are a number of complete pinwheels in among the QSTs.

On the other part of my design wall is the first step in today’s Easy Street Clue 7.

Easy Street Part 7

Four of these smaller triangle units. Next up is the second part. I want to be ready for Part 8 tomorrow. I will have this into a top and not let it sit around as a UFO for the next few years like the past mysteries. 🙂

Happy New Year!

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