This and That

I woke up this morning determined to get rid of at least one little project that I had stashed away in a Baggie or food container. They are every where in my sewing space. Ideas I ran across and started making blocks or cutting scraps. Then stashed them away for later. Well now IS later.

The first up is the Summer Stars from last summer hosted by Temecula Quilt Company. They posted one 4.5″ star each week for eight weeks. I made four and stopped. However, I did finish all the flying geese for the star points. So today I sat down and finished the rest of the stars and got them into a top. Now I just have to decide on borders.


Second, I grabbed a Baggie of tumblers I started cutting from scraps years ago and started sewing them together alternating dark and light. There are not enough for a top yet, but it feels good to have them sewn together and gives me some motivation to cut more tumblers next time I’m cutting up scraps.

These two little projects made only a small dent in the stash of miscellaneous projects, but it’s a start.

DWM and Something New…

I couldn’t resist starting something new when I saw a post about the Temecula Quilt Company’s Summer Star Quilt-a-Long. The stars will finish at 4″ (4.5″ unfinished) and this will be a small 16″ x 16″ quilt. I may make it a bit larger with borders. I’ll see what the finished looks like.

The blocks are posted every Friday. Here are my first two.

I took this picture with my Blackberry just to see what the quality was like. Not bad, but not the best.

I had so much fun making the little flying geese for the start points using the No Waste Flying Geese method, that I made two more sets for the next two weeks. Each week all that is posted is the center portion for the star.

If you want to join along, go here. The first post is on July 6, 2012. For some reason, I can’t get just that post to appear in Safari, so this link is to the generic blog. But if you look for July 6, 2012, you’ll find the first block.

To see what is on everyone else’s Design Wall, go visit Judy’s blog here.