April UFO Challenge

I’m participating in two UFO Challenges this year.

The first is at Heather’s blog. She chose number 11 for April. That’s my Easy Street quilt. Here it is with the last stitch in the binding sewn down earlier today.

The second challenge is at Aunt Marti’s blog, 52 Quilts in 52 Weeks. She chose number 2 for April. That’s my Big Star quilt which I actually finished in January so it was an easy month for me.

Check out the April Parade of finishes here.

For May, Aunt Marti chose number 12, which is my Double Delight. Yay! I finished it in February in a finishing spurt. Seems like once I get a quilt quilted, it just has to be finished.

And, Heather chose number 9, which is my Asian Sampler. This one is twelve 12” blocks that I need to get laid out into a top. No idea what I’m going to do with it yet. This one will be challenging and I’ll be lucky to get the top finished by the end of May, let alone quilted and bound.

Easy Street Mystery

Easy Street is finished. This is the 2012 Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt. The pattern is only available on her web site until June, then it becomes part of one of her future books. So I won’t link to the page. 

I can’t believe I started and finished the quilt all within five months. The mystery started on November 23rd, 2012, the day after Thanksgiving.

As usual, Bonnie’s quilts are a little too big for me so I made 3/4 of the number of units. As it turned out, for this pattern, I could have gotten away with far fewer units.

So I made a second, mini version without borders, which will make a really cute baby quilt. I actually finished the mini-version first because it was so quick to put together.


Every scrap of fabric in both versions is completely from my stash, mostly my 2″ and 3.5″ strip bins. Even the 3.5 yards I used for the backing of the large version had been fermenting for quite a few years.

Full size: 75” square
Mini: 45″ square
Batting: Warm and Natural
Backing: Full size is a black on white all over feather patterned fabric. The 3.5 yards I had was not quite enough so I added a yard of purple down one side of the back. I like a slightly off center backing. The mini backing is a lavendar heart fabric.
Quilting: Large meander in Gray thread
Binding: Full size is a purple from Connecting Threads; Mini is a turquoise Fusions


This is what it looks like on my queen bed laid over a cream coverlet.

See more posts about these two quilts here.

April’s Getting It Done/May Goals

For April, my goals were:

  1. Sandwich Monster Bash (Need to choose and make a backing first.) Done.
  2. Quilt Easy Street (Sandwiched and ready to go) Done.
  3. It’s quilted and I’ve got about three feet of binding to sew down. It will be finished today since it’s my April quilt for a UFO Challenge at Heather’s blog.

    3. Roll Roll Cotton Boll Blue. (Sandwiched and ready to go) Done.
    This quilt is now finished and waiting to be given to my good friend Kipp.

    Read about it here.

4. Border one of the Key Hole quilts. (Decisions, decisions….)
Not so good here. Didn’t even take the top off the hangar. Sigh! Goes on next months list.

Other things I got done this month are:

  • Got the borders on and sandwiched Jared Takes a Wife, finally.
  • Started a Pineapple Blossom in all Blues for my grandson.
  • Got out an old UFO (with no name) and started sewing the 3.5” x 6.5” cut pieces together in a brick pattern for a charity quilt. This one has no particular plan. I’m winging it.

For May, my goals are:

  1. Border or sandwich one of the Key Hole quilts. Have to decide whether it gets borders or quilted as is.
  2. Quilt either Monster Bash or Jared Takes a Wife, or both.
  3. Finish the Pineapple Blossom blocks.
  4. Get Part 1 and 2 Lazy Sunday pieces done before the next issue is released.

That’s it for me. Go see how everyone else is doing here at Judy’ blog.

Getting It Done in March/April Goals

My March goals were:

  • Complete the blocks for 9-Surrounded at retreat in Danville
    Not only did I complete the blocks, I got them all sashed with cornerstones, ready for borders.

  • Complete the blocks for Picnic at retreat in Danville
    Didn’t touch this one. I had too much fun making Scrappy Trip Around the World blocks instead.

  • Sandwich Orca Bay
    Not only did I get this one sandwiched, but it is now quilted (as of yesterday) and the binding is half sewn down. I had it in my head that my goal was to finish this quilt. Silly me.

  • Finish the baby quilt started in February
    Done and delivered.

In addition, to these goals, I:

  • Sandwiched Easy Street, Asian Splendor, and Roll Roll Cotton Boll.
  • I found a layout I like for the Pink Roll Roll Cotton Boll blocks I have finished.
  • Made a Topponcino for my niece who is expecting a girl in August.
  • Started a black and white quilt for my grandson.
  • Did quite a bit of hand quilting on the Christmas quilt that has been hanging around for way to long.

I’ll post pics of these accomplishments in another post.

For April, I’d like to:

  1. Sandwich Monster Bash (Need to choose and make a backing first.)
  2. Quilt Easy Street (Sandwiched and ready to go)
  3. Quilt Roll Roll Cotton Boll Blue. (Sandwiched and ready to go)
  4. Border one of the Key Hole quilts. (Decisions, decisions….)

Hooking this up to Judy’s Getting it Done in March post.

Productive Saturday

Today, I did the following:

  • Pieced the triangles needed to complete the sashing pieces for Orca Bay
  • Started adding more triangles to the HSTs for the Orca Bay border. These will be done as leaders and Enders for awhile.
  • Added red inner and blue outer borders on the construction truck quilt.
  • Pieced the pink and purple backing for Sloane’s Happy Child quilt.

Also, today I realized I miscounted the number of four patches I need for Part 1 of Easy Street. I made 63 but I need 130 or so. I’m afraid I will use up all the grey fabric on these and not have any for other parts of the quilt, so I think I will hold off making the additional four patches until more of the parts are revealed and I see where else the grey is used. In the meantime, I grabbed a grey top sheet that Mark wasn’t using for Darby’s bed and I will keep that in reserve if I need more grey. It matches the grey tone on tone I’m already using.

Easy Street Part 1

And so a new Bonnie Hunter mystery begins. This year Bonnie has designed a mystery that will be a little easier on us. Not so many small pieces. 🙂

I pieced 60 grey and white with black four patches. But before I cut the strips into twosies, I spilled my coffee on them and had to run them through the wash. Sigh! There are still some light coffee stains but no one will be able to tell but me.

I’m not going to make a queen sized version, so I’m planning on making 3/4ths of the units and see where it gets me. I’ve finished Part 1. Gray and white with black 4 patches.

I’m having knee surgery on Friday the 30th so I’ll have to catch up on Part 2 as soon as I can.

Today, I also pieced and attached the thin Navy border on the Happy Child quilt.

And, who says we don’t have fall colors in California? This tree is across the street from the end of my driveway. The picture really doesn’t do it justice with sun shining on it.

Linking up to Bonnie’s Part 1 Linky party.