One down; oh so many to go…

I did it. I finished one UFO quilt this weekend.

This is the 2007 Super Bowl Sunday mystery quilt project. It’s been sitting around waiting to have the outer border quilted and the binding put on for a couple of months now. It feels good to have it finally done.

I made a label for it by ironing muslin to freezer paper and then running it through my inkjet printer. I’m not worried about the ink maybe not being permanent because I’m not giving this quilt away and it won’t be washed often.

I also finished the top from the St. Patrick’s Day Mystery Quilt from Quiltaholics. It’s only 34″ x 34″ so I think it will be a wall hanging. It might go perfect over my bed. Hmmm. I’ll have to think about that. But, I still need to layer, quilt, and bind it. Don’t hold your breath to see it on a wall anytime soon.

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