I’m a Fabricaholic

Well, I confess. I am a fabricaholic. I find myself sitting at my computer at work longing to take a quick trip to my LQS up the street. It’s as bad as a food addiction. Fortunately, the shop is a little farther than a quick walk and parking is a bit of a challenge mid-day. Those are the only things that keep me from visiting the store more often. This is definitely an addiction.

While I don’t have a huge stash (only been seriously collecting for two years), I do bring home way more fabric than I use. So, I’ve joined the Stashbuster blog ring. I’m hoping that will give me some motivation to use at least half as much as I bring home.

I’m traveling to PA the first week of June and I’ll be spending at least two days in Lancaster County so I’m sure I’ll be bringing home lots of fabric finds from that trip. So I’m trying to limit what I buy this month in anticipation.

I got my Economic Stimulus money from the IRS last week and what better way to stimulate the economy and support my LQS than spending it on fabric or other quilting “essentials”.


  1. Thanks for your suggestions. I was already planning to go to Bird-In-Hand, but hadn’t planned on Sauder’s. Now I will. I will definitely post pics of all my finds. This is going to be a dangerous trip for me. Especially since the airlines are restricting us to only one checked bag. So I’m buying a new suitcase. 🙂


  2. Make sure you go to Sauders while in PA. I think the address is Denver ,PA It is a basement full or fabric. Prices are wonderful!! There is a sale area and last time I was there the price was about 3 a yard. Also check out the seconds…I got a lot of nice neutral lights from the seconds , they have flaws in the printing, but I just cut around these. They also have fabrics on big rolls that are very nicely priced. If you are interested in non sale more “new” lines of fabric, they have lots of these. The price was like 5-7 a yard. I had to get out of there before I spent all of our vacation money!! Go to the Zooks and Sauder site on the internet and they will have the address for this place. I think it is on Muddy Creek Road or something like that. It is a little out of the way but well worth it!Chris


  3. I was in Lancaster County last autumn and I noticed the fabrics were a lot cheaper than down here in Florida (by almost $3.00 a yard). There was a sweet store in Bird-in-Hand (I think) and they had great prices and a good collection. Have fun.


  4. OOOh enjoy your trip to Lancaster co. I am jealous! Take some photos to post I would love to see them. HugsKate


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