Count me in…

I’ve decided, after a long time on the fence, to take the plunge and do Bonnie’s Orange Crush mystery. I’m hoping to make it smaller than full size so I’m only completing so many of each step. Hope it works, but what the heck, I can always make more of the parts I need.

I haven’t chosen all my fabrics yet, but if I waited for that I would never get started. So I just jumped in with both feet (or maybe hands) last night.

Last night I sewed a whole bunch of 2″ strips and then completed 50 4-patch units. I’ve got enough 2-patches cut to hopefully finish off another 30 or so tonight. Then on to complete some of the step 2 units. The pic shows the 4-patches (not pressed yet) on the left and the 2-patches waiting to be matched and sewn on the right.


  1. I did the CC mystery by only making half the number of blocks and made a smaller version at the end. This time I’m waiting until the end before I start. Hearing all the chatter and seeing everyone elses blocks emerge does make it tempting though …. 🙂


  2. Karen, Welcome to the Bonnie crew of anything goes. I love your little quilt. I know how hard it is to give a quilt away that you have fallen in love with. You could also do step 2 or 3 as leaders enders while working on the next.


  3. Sounds like you’re off to a great start. I’m still working slowly on step 4, so you may be passing me soon. Glad for that extra week.


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