More Orange Crush Progress

I pulled out my Orange Crush last night and cut the orange and turquoise squares. The threw them all up on the design wall to see how those blocks were going to look with my purple stars. None of the 3.5″ squares are sewn together yet. I guess I just haven’t been too sure about this one so far.

Turns out I like the orange a lot. I couldn’t decide between the two shades of turquoise for the center square so I put both up on my wall. Looking at them in the picture I think I like the darker of the two. Much more rich in color. The lighter color is actually marbled fabric so it takes on different shade depending on where it is cut.

Maybe I’ll start sewing some together today after I get the Sassy Sixteen quilt sandwiched and ready for quilting.

So far this month here’s my stash stats:

67.5 yards in; 8 yards used; net 59.5 yards added stash.
But how could I not purchase fabric on my Lancaster County trip!


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