A new skill?

So I decided to try hand quilting. I really need some handwork to do when I’m away from my machine and thought hand quilting would be great. What the heck. I can sew a running stitch, right? Not so easy as it looks. I fumbled and fumed and threw away my first attempt. Here’s what I just finished. Not to bad from a birds eye view, but don’t get too close.

Now I know I can fill all those blank spaces with some curves that I was afraid to quilt on the machine. I had a terrible time getting my first stitch to be the same size as the rest of the stitches on the needle. I tried everything but that first stitch is tough for me. I tried in the hoop and out of the hoop, I tried different needles and putting the thimble on different fingers. Nothing worked. So I guess it’s practice, practice, practice for me.

Any suggestions for a newby hand quilter?

Pardon the picture quality. I took them with my iPhone. I also sent this post from my email account. But I had to edit the post to get the pictures to not be at the top of the post. I still can’t figure out how to avoid having to move the pictures everytime I post.

4 thoughts on “A new skill?

  1. Looks good from here. All I can add is practice, find a position that suits you, a good thimble and lots of needles. Take care.


  2. You did very well. I had problems with hand quilting at first because I was so used to having things tight in a frame when cross stitching……….. so I did the same with a quilt. Then I learned it had to be loose so that the needle would rock.Amazing how something so obvious is so elusive.Hugs!!Nancy


  3. I still haven’t tried hand quilting myself so I have no tips.. I just wanted to comment how beautiful your work looks to me:) Great job!


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