Wow, I can’t believe it’s been over two months since I posted here. But, the reality is, I haven’t touched my quilting in just about that long. I’m definitely starting to go into withdrawal. I was traveling most of October and it took me almost two weeks to get back to normal once I got home. So here it is almost Thanksgiving. I’ll try to post some pics of my travels to Belgium and Paris once I get time to go through the 800 or so pictures I took. I’m one of those people that just have to snap multiples of everything.

I really like posts that include photos, of something, just to hold my interest. So, since I haven’t really sewn lately, the best I can do for this post is to show you what I’ve received in the mail from my quilty friends at Quilts Your Way. And, I’ve learned a new trick. Embedding a slide show in my blog.

The first twenty blocks are the ones I made for all the swappers in our Squishie Swap this year. The second batch are those blocks that I received from each of the swappers. Hope you enjoy them.

I was also in a Tea Pot Block swap, but I haven’t taken pictures of those blocks yet.

I promise to post more often now that life has settled down a little. I’m actually looking forward to the long weekends coming up around the holidays. I’ve got some tops I’d really like to get ready to be quilted. So keep checking back on my progress.

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