Anxiously waiting……….

I’m anxiously awaiting tomorrow morning to start on these NYE mysteries. I doubt I will be up at 5 am. That’s the problem with being on the West coast. Ann Smith will post her first clue at 8 am EST, way too early for me. And, Bonnie said she will post her first set of instructions when she gets up which could be as early as 6 am EST. Yikes, that’s 3 am here in CA. Sooooooo, I will just have to be behind everyone else.

Went to JoAnn’s today to pick up a quilting stencil with my 40% off coupon and walked out the door with 12 1/2 yards of fabric. I usually don’t buy fabric at JoAnn’s because I prefer the LQS quality, but they hit me right as I walked in the door with their Christmas fabric 70% off. How’s a girl to resist? This is actually the better quality stuff from Cranston and Cotton Classics normally $8.99 a yard so I just had to buy it. Just had too! Excuse the poor pic, I took it with my phone.

In the meantime, my mom was poking through my stash the other day looking for light blues. She couldn’t find any. When I asked her why, she informed me she wants a light blue and white wall hanging for her bedroom. Since her Birthday is on the 11th, I guess I better try to put something together. Good thing I don’t go back to work until next Monday. I think I’ll make a Carpenter’s Star with a small border around it. That should be easy and will look great. The photo above is one I made for the center of another quilt that we are slowly working on at Quilts Your Way. It went together pretty easily. I’ll do it in two shades of blue with cream as the background.

That’s all for tonight. Can’t wait for tomorrow and the mysteries to unfold.

Happy New Year!


  1. Love that Carpenter’s wheel. I think I want to make one someday! Let’s see, Project #345. I want to make them ALL!


  2. I am not sure I will sleep tonight for all the excitement…I am doing both those mysteries too! Going to be a busy day tomorrow…sewing and then checking out all the pictures and blogs!


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