New Year’s Quandry…

Happy New Year! I’ve been working on Part 1 and Part 2 of Bonnie’s Double Delight today. After cutting out all my cheddar pieces for Part 1 last night and then Part 2 today, I’m totally bored with my choice. See it in the pic below.

So I raided my stash to see what else I had to liven it up. The closest thing I could find that excited me was the yellow in the pic below. So i made a block from each part with this color too.

After recently finishing my Orange Crush, I just couldn’t work with that blah mustard in the first pic. But what does everyone think of the second choice before I cut up the rest of the yardage?

I’ll be busy sewing the light triangle on my blue centers for awhile before I have to decide for sure. I’d love to hear from you.


  1. The brighter solid looks much better. I agree that the ‘mustard color’ just fades into the background and doesn’t really go with the brown. There’s no ‘life’ in it.


  2. I think the brighter one gives it a “Pop” that the first one doesn’t. I’ve found that if all the choices are pretty bland that I’m not happy with it in the end. I really like both, however. Maybe you can use the first one in something else. Not a bad block at all.I just finished 1/2 of my step 1 blocks and my back is killing me. I think I will take a blog break.


  3. I think they are both great, but I do think you will like your choices more once you get some pink going in the next steps.


  4. I am really influenced by the colors in antique pennsylvania dutch quilts. That’s why I’m such a sucker for bright color schemes! I think your yellow looks very “chrome”..right in keeping with 1870’s PA dutch colors..throw in the bright pinks, some blue….and yep, you’ve got it! (Or whatever else you have decided to add) Don’t let the home dec trends force you to make color choices that are “fad” right now….just go for what you like!


  5. Thanks ladies. After I posted, I did check with my pinks. They are on the brighter side and frankly the original mustard looks dirty against them. I don’t know why I didn’t see it before. Ah well, a quilt is a living creation…Happy New Year.Karen


  6. I have to agree with you and Renee – I like the zip of the brighter yellow. But, also agree with Marion that you might want to test it against the main fabric, pink, so make sure it isn’t going to throw you there too. Good luck.Julie


  7. Hi Karen,Happy New Year. Yes, I agree with you. That mustard is blah. I like the yellow. How will it work with your “pinks”? Renee


  8. Hello Karen,for myself I would choose the first choice, because on the picture the second yellow is to bright for the other fabrics. But I also think it will be wonderful, what you will make, when it is finished. Ihaven’t finished part 1, only 56 pieces are sewn, but not squared up. I have chosen 3 different blue. 40 each color, and I will see how it comes out, when it is finished. Yours, Marion


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