Double Delight Blocks Finished!

Yay! My Double Delight blocks are finished. Here’s most of them on my wall. I’ve laid them out in a straight set. I’m not sure I want to put them on point as the pattern calls for.

I’ll decide how about that and borders tomorrow, or maybe even Monday. I’m just so happy the blocks are done and I love how they turned out. Thank you Bonnie.

How are the rest of you finishing your Double Delight? I’ve seen a couple of people who are doing straight sets. Somehow, I like the chain blocks to be on the diagonal rather than straight. I did that with my Orange Crush as well.

Tomorrow, I plan to spend finishing up some quilting that I’ve been meaning to do. I’ve got some straight stitch grids to add to a small wall quilt that has been hanging around for almost a year. It’s even got the binding on it. So, I want this one off my list. Then I’ve got more quilting to do on my Orange Crush middle before I mark and quilt cables on the border. And, last but not least, I decided to machine quilt the wall hanging for my mom in my previous post. I tried hand quilting it last night and the fabric and batting are just too tough. So I’ll echo the star pattern by machine.

Wow, that’s a lot to do in one day. We’ll see how far I really get. I’ve got Monday off too, so some of it can roll over.

One comment

  1. Have you decided on a border yet? I love the quilt, I’ll be watching for your border choice. please post it when you do. I am still struggling with mine.


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