Added to Stash this Week…

I have to confess. I added to the stash this week. I couldn’t resist a sale at and of course I had to get free shipping so I spent more than $35. Way more, $56.56 to be exact. Here’s my additions:

3 yards Kaufman Fusions Floral Ruby
3 yards Kaufman Fusions Floral Turquoise
3 yards Kaufman Fusions Floral Periwinkle
2 yards Kaffe Fassett Stencil Carnation Rose

AND, 3 yards 108″ WOC backing

Can’t say that I’ve used any more stash this week. I’m still working on Double Delight and all the pieces have been cut for several weeks now. I may use the WOC backing for the back of DD though. Haven’t decided yet.

When I first started buying fabric just for stash, I was grabbing 1 yard cuts, and only sometimes 2 yards. Now that I’ve been quilting for almost 4 years, I realize 1 and sometimes 2 yards in not nearly enough. So, now, when I buy, especially blenders, I buy at least 3 yards. But I still avoid paying full price. I shop the online sales and only buy brands/lines I know. And, I rarely pay for shipping unless it’s for a special fabric that I really need and can only find at that store.

I still shop my LQS (only one in my local area) but I support that store more by taking classes and BOMs, and buying specialty threads, etc. that I really need to see before I buy. JoAnn’s and their great coupons is saved for notions, rulers, and books, etc. where I don’t have to worry about quality. Occasionally, I’ll buy some of JoAnn’s better quality fabrics on sale or with coupons. Got great Christmas fabric there for 70% off at the end of the year.

That’s it, that’s my stash report for this week. 14 yards added and 0 yard used.

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