OTR Ready to Quilt…


Here’s my finished OTR top. I’ve sandwiched and pinned the middle and it’s ready to quilt. I’m trying the quilt as you go method so I’ll add the borders after the middle is quilted. I’ve got my flying geese for the border already made and joined together. Just waiting for the top to be quilted.

As you can see, I used controlled scraps. All browns, golds, dark reds, blacks, with a few dark blues and greens thrown in. No new yardage in the top. I’ve got a nice variegated thread in the same colors as the top.

Now I need ideas how to quilt this top. Should I meander, use a grid, a cross-hatch? This is the part that slows me down. Deciding. I know there are no quilt police looking over my shoulder.

Leave me a comment. I’d love to hear your ideas or how you quilted your OTR.


  1. I quilted all different leaves with a variegated green/yellow thread. nothing much shows so it did not call for anything elaborate. Any kind of all-over quilting would work with these busy scrap quilts.


  2. How funny that we are both working on the same two quilts and at about the same point of progress on each one! I have Old Tobacco Road ready to add the flying geese borders, but decided I needed a dark brown inner border first. I’m waiting for that to arrive in the mail.

    I also have the Double Delight top done, but am on the fence about the border. I want to do something fancy, probably curvy, like a swag with hearts in it, but have never done one before. I might have finished it by now, but just became a new grandmother so I have sidelined these in order to make baby quilts and diaper bag, etc.

    Yours are very nice! Can’t wait to see how you finish them!


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