Stash Project

Stash Project Fabric Choices
Stash Project Fabric Choices

Judy L. has started a Stash Project to get us comfortable using our stash. This is always a challenge for me. I tend to be too matchy.

So I spent about 15 minutes (I promise Judy, it was only 15 minutes) pulling these fabrics as lights and darks. Then I took this pic. Changed it to B/W and removed about three of the darks because they showed up as being too light in value. Here’s what I have left.

Way more than Judy asked us to pull, but more is better, right? But as a result of this process, I discovered, other than creams/whites for backgrounds, I don’t have many lights. Interesting.

Now I have to decide what pieces to cut into rectangles and strips for the next step.

stash_fabrics_cutUPDATE: All my fabrics are cut. I made some choices while deciding which fabrics to cut. Put quite a few back in the stash. Then, I decided to cut all the rest. So I have a few more cut than I need. That will give me choices when I start putting the blocks together. Here they are all cut.

It’s Sunday evening now and the weekend is almost over. I’ve got a very busy week ahead, so I probably won’t be back to do any more sewing for at least a week. Hopefully, Judy won’t progress to quickly with this project so I can keep up.

Have a wonderful week. Can you believe it’s the first of March???


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