Long Weekend

This is a 3-day weekend for me. I’ve really been looking forward to it. After spending four days last week in Legoland with my grandkids, this is my weekend. Nothing on the agenda but quilting. We did have a lot of fun on our trip and there was plenty of adult time in the evenings at the hotel, so it wasn’t a total kid vacation.

Yesterday, besides shopping for sofas with my mom, I pieced like crazy on my Jared Takes a Wife quilt and here’s the result.


Doesn’t look like much but I have enough pieces in these stacks to get 12 of the blocks done and 8 more of the corners. Those star points take forever to get together.

To keep from getting bored today, I’m going to pull out a couple of blocks from a Saturday Sampler my LQS ran in 2007. I went to 8 months worth of Saturdays but life kept me from the last four but I have the kits for the last four blocks. I’ve been thinking about that quilt a lot lately and I’m going to pull out those blocks and get at least a couple put together this weekend. They are 12″ blocks with a lot of pieces. Here’s one of the completed ones.


As you can see it’s all Asian fabrics. The blocks really are beautiful.

I’ll post more later when I see how far I get today.

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