It’s Saturday Again…

I’m way behind on my posting. Here’s what’s on my design wall and has been for the past week. I just didn’t to post until now. Hopefully, it will be gone by Monday.


I had this pastel fabric and didn’t know what to do with it, but I do have three baby quilts to make so I was playing with nine-patches. I think this will work with white 3″ squares and a pink border for one of the girl quilts. I’m finding pastels are not my thing.

I read on Kathy’s blog (which she read about on Sue’s blog) about the “Power of 10”. I think I need to follow this to finish some of these UFO’s that are piling up. I will put together my list of top 10 projects and post it here to stay on top of it.

I need to find a way not to get bored with one project, so here’s the to-do list I made for myself last night to accomplish this weekend:

1. Finish binding my OTR. It’s 3/4 of the way done. DONE!

2. Cut one set of place mats for my bf Kathleen. She chose several fabrics that she would like place mats from out of my stash of florals.

3. Cut white 3 1/2″ squares for the baby quilt above. Decide if I want them to be on a white background or a colored background. I’ll try them out on some yardage before I start cutting 3 1/2″ squares. The answer is I don’t like it any way I try it. I’m going to put these nine-patches away for awhile and see if something else comes to me. Instead, I pulled some other fabrics for perhaps making a very bright baby quilt using the Crazy Eights pattern I have. More tomorrow when I put some pieces on my wall.

4. Finish making the nine-patches for the baby quilt above. DONE!

5. Pull out the fabric for the 2009 Squishie Swap at Quilts Your Way and start pulling fabrics from my stash.

6. Sew units 4 and 5 for the Christmas Lights mystery. And, then I’ll have all of the first part done. DONE!


So now all of Part 1 is finished and I’m just waiting for the next issue of Quiltmaker with Part 2!!! I got the last issue right around the 1st of June so maybe I’ll get the next one around the 1st of August.

7. Add the first border to Jared Takes a Wife. This will be the purple fabric.

Notice, most of these are small tasks that will take about an hour or so. This way I will feel that I’ve accomplished a lot! I’ll try to post pictures as I finish each one of these.

What are you working on this weekend?

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