Stash Report and What’s on My Design Wall

Well, I’ll combine both my Weekly Stash and What’s on my Design Wall posts into one.

Sunday I woke up and took the pastel nine-patches off my wall and started cutting and sewing these fabrics.


img_3479I cut a total of 60″ so that’s about 1 2/3 yards busted this week. Nothing added.

I got all the blocks sewn together for the Crazy Eights pattern yesterday. Today when I got home from work I laid them out on my design wall.

It’s growing on me. I think I like it. I’ll border it in something that calms it down a little. maybe some of the turquoise or the purple. My plan is to use it for a baby quilt for a boy.

I’m much happier with this color combination than the pastels.

What do you think? Is it too crazy?

I do have some other ideas for the girl baby quilts. I really like the Roman Stripes pattern on Mary’s site. But with some 1930’s prints instead of the really light pastels. I’m going to make a few blocks to see what I think. Also, Dianne did a great pastel string quilt that I’d like to try too.

It was very liberating to be able to take down those nine-patches and put them in a plastic bag and tell myself it’s okay that they just weren’t working for me. I’m learning not everything I start will work out in the end. Someday, I’ll pull them out and put them into a charity quilt, so they wont’ go to waste..


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