Week 29 Stash Report

I did well this last week, for me anyway:

IN: 2 yards
OUT: 4.33 yards

2009 Fabric In       93.52
2009 Fabric Out    46.25
2009 Net                 47.27

So does fabric used on Sunday count for the new week or for last week? I plan to do more stash busting today. Just wondered.


  1. Sunday is new week, I’d say, since most monthly calenders show the weeks starting on Sunday. Then again, I consider Monday the beginning of a new work week, so you’re right, it really could go either way.


  2. Your numbers look good. Won’t be long before you’re even! I’d say you can count that fabric on whichever week you want. Sometimes I bust after I’ve done my stash report, so I just put it on next week’s report.


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