Busy Quilty Weekend

img_3480You can tell my grandkids are still in Louisiana with their other grandparents. My weekends are full of quilting at least for another couple of weeks. Here’s what I got accomplished yesterday. I got out all my 1930’s prints (of which there were more than I realized) and some scrap muslin and put this little baby quilt together using Mary’s Roman Stripes pattern.

I ran out of the white so I couldn’t put the narrow white border before the pink. I think it is so cute. It’s all sandwiched and ready to be quilted. I’ll do something simple like a serpentine grid.

I also got the back ready for the wild baby quilt I’ve been piecing. It will get sandwiched today and hopefully I get some of the quilting done.

I’ve also added my name to the list for the Shipshewana 2010 Retreat that Ruthie is organizing. I’m so excited. I think I’ve even found a roommate already. I just wish it was this year instead of 2010. I love Amish country. I spent a couple of days in Lancaster County last year after a conference in Philadelphia and I came home with 65 yards of fabric. I actually had to ship some of it home. 🙂 You can see some of what I got here.

It’s a beautiful day here in the Bay Area today and I’ve just returned from an expensive trip to Target. Among other things, they had rolling storage bins on sale. The one with three big drawers for $8.99. I couldn’t resist. I won’t mention the brand but it starts with an S. I work for the company that makes Rubbermaid so I shouldn’t be buying the competition. But they are so cheap. What’s a girl to do!

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