What’s on my Wall Today…

Here’s what’s on my Design wall today. It’s the first of eight blocks I need to make as part of the Quilts Your Way 2009 Squishie Block Swap.


The blocks are due in a month or so, so I better get busy. This block pattern is from Quilter’s Cache and is called Double Z. I will make a few of the others out of this pattern as well. Don’t know if it comes across in the picture, but on the wall there is a definite optical illusion going on.

That’s the only thing on my wall at the moment. Yesterday, I pulled all my fabrics for the 8 Squishie blocks, I sandwiched and pinned the crazy wild baby quilt, and that’s about all the quilting that happened here yesterday. So now I’ve got two baby quilts ready to be quilted. One more to go.


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