Quiltathon Progress

img_4223Judy is having a Quiltathon this weekend. Unfortunately we don’t get Monday as a holiday so I’ll have to see what I can accomplish in just two days off.

Saturday: I cut and pieced two of the blocks for the Asian Saturday Sampler from 2007: September and October. Two more to go and I can think about a top. These took me several hours because of all the pieces to cut and sew. We were given Marty Mitchell templates to piece these blocks, but I’m finding that I can cut 2.5″ strips and use my easy angle ruler much faster and easier than using templates. I guess it’s all in what you prefer and that’s why it’s good to try new ways of doing something. You just might like it.

img_4224After those two blocks were done, I sewed together some more truck blocks for a Quilts for Kids quilt from my stash. All that one needs is borders now.  I also sandwiched another Quilts for Kids quilt that will go back with the kit I just finished for them. I’m using the Bravest Dragon fabric I got last weekend for the backs. Very cute for a boy quilt.

Sunday: Today, I’ve cut all pieces for the last two Asian Saturday Sampler blocks. They are sitting by my piecing machine ready for the speed piecing. I’ll post pics when they are complete.

I also FMQ the second Quilts for Kids quilt. This was my second attempt at using my FMQ foot on my Sapphire 850. I love it. The work is not perfect, just loops, meanders and a few practice hearts, but I think it turned out pretty good. I need to learn how to not get all crunched up when doing FMQ. My shoulders are tight. I hope to get the binding on both of these QFK quilts tonight but the day is fading fast.

Update: I managed to get both Quilts for Kids bound and finished tonight. Just need to wash and dry them and send them off to their new homes.


4 thoughts on “Quiltathon Progress

  1. Your comment on the templates vs. easy angle is interesting. I’m working on JudyL’s star BOM from 2008 (yes, it takes me a while) and I found that I don’t like cutting a block at a time, I want to get the cutting out of the way, and then just sew. Also discovered that I don’t EVER want to do cutting where the measurements are in sixteenths. Eighths I may do, not sixteenths, I just can’t get them accurate enough to piece well. Your Quilts for Kids are terrific, such happy fabrics.


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