Quiltathon Progress

img_4223Judy is having a Quiltathon this weekend. Unfortunately we don’t get Monday as a holiday so I’ll have to see what I can accomplish in just two days off.

Saturday: I cut and pieced two of the blocks for the Asian Saturday Sampler from 2007: September and October. Two more to go and I can think about a top. These took me several hours because of all the pieces to cut and sew. We were given Marty Mitchell templates to piece these blocks, but I’m finding that I can cut 2.5″ strips and use my easy angle ruler much faster and easier than using templates. I guess it’s all in what you prefer and that’s why it’s good to try new ways of doing something. You just might like it.

img_4224After those two blocks were done, I sewed together some more truck blocks for a Quilts for Kids quilt from my stash. All that one needs is borders now.  I also sandwiched another Quilts for Kids quilt that will go back with the kit I just finished for them. I’m using the Bravest Dragon fabric I got last weekend for the backs. Very cute for a boy quilt.

Sunday: Today, I’ve cut all pieces for the last two Asian Saturday Sampler blocks. They are sitting by my piecing machine ready for the speed piecing. I’ll post pics when they are complete.

I also FMQ the second Quilts for Kids quilt. This was my second attempt at using my FMQ foot on my Sapphire 850. I love it. The work is not perfect, just loops, meanders and a few practice hearts, but I think it turned out pretty good. I need to learn how to not get all crunched up when doing FMQ. My shoulders are tight. I hope to get the binding on both of these QFK quilts tonight but the day is fading fast.

Update: I managed to get both Quilts for Kids bound and finished tonight. Just need to wash and dry them and send them off to their new homes.



  1. Your comment on the templates vs. easy angle is interesting. I’m working on JudyL’s star BOM from 2008 (yes, it takes me a while) and I found that I don’t like cutting a block at a time, I want to get the cutting out of the way, and then just sew. Also discovered that I don’t EVER want to do cutting where the measurements are in sixteenths. Eighths I may do, not sixteenths, I just can’t get them accurate enough to piece well. Your Quilts for Kids are terrific, such happy fabrics.


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