I’m sitting in the Starbucks across from the Flagship Nordstroms having my reduced fat turkey bacon egg white whole wheat English muffin sandwich for breakfast. Sounds awful, right? But it really is pretty good and only 340 calories. I know I supposed to be on vacation but I was horrified when trying on pants last night at Nordstroms. Walked out with three pair of Not Your Daughters jeans and they were tight and a size larger than the ones I bought two years ago. Sheesh!

Here are some pictures from my phone from yesterday. The view out my window and the original Starbucks at Pike Place. It was in the high 60’s and absolutely gorgeous. I walked until I couldn’t go any further and then shopped till I dropped.

I did visit the quilt shop at Pikes Place. Walked out with the end of the bolt of some Raspberry Dimples (about 3 yards) at 40 percent off.

Well, it’s stopped drizzling now so I’m off to do some more exploring before the conference starts.

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