What’s on my wall today?

These are blocks I’ve been making over the last four weeks or so, all from scraps. They are laid out in Bonnie Hunter’s Patches and Pinwheels pattern. So far I’m really liking it. Very scrappy.


I need to make lot’s more 16 patches and a few more pinwheels. They won’t all fit on my wall, but this gives a good idea of what they will look like when sewn together.

I had a three day weekend this past weekend, and here’s what I accomplished.


A Trust Me or Square Dance top. Started on Friday morning, cut apart and sewn back together on Saturday, and borders added on Sunday.

I didn’t have a pattern. I searched on Google and found a couple of web shot albums that showed in progress pictures. So I calculated how big the template needed to be to work with my 5.5″ finished squares and away I went. The inner border is made up of all the squares left over from cutting the pinwheels. It really was a “Trust Me” project. I was very doubtful that it would come out right. I took pictures along the way so I can write a tutorial for when I want to make this one again.

This will be perfect for one of the baby quilts I need to make between now and November. The top finishes at 45″ x 53″.

Want to know what everyone else is up to? Visit Judy’s blog today.


  1. This is the second quilt of this design I’ve seen in hopping around the blogs today…it’s really cool!
    Look forward to your tutorial…I’d like to try it with some of my scraps!
    Love your patches and pinwheels too!


  2. way to go drafting your own pattern from pictures!! love the colors w/the blue background. I’ve made a scrappy pinwheel and 16 patch-it wasn’t Bonnie’s pattern though, I think it was in an Amer. Patchwork & Quilting magazine from a few (several?) years back. I loved making it! fun, fun.


  3. You really have beautiful and colorful quilts going! Love the scrappy Bonnie quilt – they always look beautiful. As for your weekend project – great square dance! I have never used this pattern – do you know if there is a tutoriol online?


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