Design Wall Monday Nov 22


A quick post to show you what’s on my design wall. I’m working on three things at once. Big surprise!!

At the top of the pictures are the Churn Dash blocks I’m using to frame the autographed squares from my niece’s baby shower. She is using a jungle theme in the nursery so the green and gold fit right in with her color scheme.

Below those is just a sampling of Part 1 from Bonnie’s latest mystery that started Friday, Roll Roll Cotton Boll. As I usually do with these mysteries I’ve made half the number of units to see where this is going. I’m following Bonnie’s color scheme so far of pinks and greens, all from stash. I’ve got my browns and neutrals pulled from stash as well. Part 2 is coming up this next Friday. Can’t wait.

And at the bottom of the photo is the beginnings of a Twister Christmas Wreath wall hanging. I got the idea here. I already made a Twister (or Square Dance) quilt earlier this year for a baby boy. So I used the same 6″ size squares so I could reuse the template I made for that first quilt.

That’s my update for this Monday.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


  1. I knew when I saw your wall that RRCB Clue #1 was pictured. Unless you want a big quilt doing half isn’t such a bad idea even if you find you like where the project is going. Think you’ll complete the Twister for this Christmas? That Churn Dash pattern is so versatile; great way to use it.


  2. Great idea using the churn dash blocks for the autograph quilt. If you are using 6″ squares for your Square Dance blocks – if you have a 4.5″ square ruler, you can mark your line on the ruler and it’s easier to cut over using template. I just laid my ruler over the template and marked the lines with a permanent marker. It will wear off so it’s not so permanent after all.


  3. I see you are a Bonnie fan–me too. I’ve watched all the mysteries but never joined in until now. My fabrics are pulled but I’m waiting until Clue #2 before starting in. There is no pink in my stash so I’ll have to shop!

    The churn dashes are a great idea for autograph blocks.


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