Judy’s 2011 UFO Challenge

I’m joining Judy in her 2011 UFO Challenge. Here is my list of UFO’s that I plan to finish in 2011:

  1. Darby’s Twister Quilt – Blocks cut, needs piecing.
  2. Christmas Lights – Need to put the back together, sandwich and quilt.
  3. Strip Twist – Ready for sandwiching. Update 1/30/2011: Got this one pin basted today. Progress! Update 2/5/2011. I know I should be working on number 10, but I couldn’t resist getting this one quilted today. However, I broke 4 needles and many thread breaks so it was very frustrating. But it’s quilted and I like it much better.
  4. Double Delight – Top done; needs borders
  5. Judy’s Celebration of Freedom – Top done; needs borders
  6. JANUARY – Judy’s Shipshewana 2010 Mystery -Top done; needs borders. Update 2/1/2011: I only managed to get the pieced border blocks done this month. Not much sewing happened in January this year.
  7. Jared Takes a Wife – Top done; deciding on borders
  8. 16 Patch and Pinwheels – Top done; needs borders
  9. Laurel Burch Wall Hanging – Sandwiched; needs quilting
  10. FEBRUARY – Squishie Swap – I have block sets from the past four years. I just want to get one of the sets made into a finished quilt in 2011. UPDATE 2/1/2011: Realistically, I’ll consider it a completion if I get one set designed into a top and the top completed. That will be a major accomplishment for me.
  11. Quinlan’s Baby Quilt – Blocks being pieced.
  12. Flower Garden – Needs quilting and binding


  1. Oh wow, what a lot of projects! I’m a beginning quilter, and I wanted to ask is there a name of the pattern you are using for Quinlans Baby quilt. I have a friend expecting a boy and I just LOVE the design…


  2. 12 UFO’s. Now that doesn’t sound too bad. But if you are like me, it’s hard when you don’t know what borders to use or what you what to do next to the quilt. Good luck! I’m joining in too, hoping we both have 12 more quilts done by the end of the year.


  3. Nice list! I think I saw four Bonnie patterns in there. I have three on my list! I just joined the challenge and am looking forward to following everyone’s progress this coming year!


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