UFO Progress Report

It’s time to look back at January and report my accomplishments. I’ve updated my 2011 UFO Status on that post here.

All I managed to get done on my mini-retreat at Sea Ranch was to make the pieced blocks for the border of Judy’s Shipshewana Mystery Quilt. That was my January UFO.

For some reason, I’ve had this obsession to clear out my crumbs and small strings. So I’ve been going nuts piecing crumb and string blocks. This is a great stress reducer and with all the job and house remodel stress this past month, this has been a therapeutic activity.

February’s UFO is #10. Choose one of my many Squishie Swap block sets and decide on a layout. If I get the top done, I’ll consider it a completion for February. Wish me luck!


  1. I’m happy you got your pieced blocks for the border finished. I worked on mine a a guild day camp and it seemed like it took me forever. But the quilt is a flimsy now.

    We will have twice the room at this year’s retreat, so everyone will have a table. Won’t be quite as cozy, but more room to spread out.


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