Stash Stats Feb 13

No fabric added yet this year. Most of my sewing has been using scraps which were counted when they were cut up and added to the scrap bins. Here’s my numbers so far this year.

Total used this week        1.75
Total used year to date    8.00
Total added this week      0.00
Total added year to date  0.00
Net used year to date       8.00img_5274

So far I’m in the black.

The good news this week is I got out one set of my Squishie blocks from Quilts Your Way’s 2010 swap and put them together with sashing which completes the center top. This is my number 10 for Judy’s 2011 UFO Challenge, so I’m very pleased with myself. Just need to choose and add a border. This may involve buying some fabric but as long as it comes in and goes right back out, I’m fine with that. Here’s the top so far.

It’s not real big with only nine 12″ blocks, but that’s okay with me. I’m looking good for a finish by the end of February.


  1. Congrats on not adding to your stash. And, I really like how you sashed these blocks. Maybe if I would get OFF the computer and at the sewing machine I would see some more finishes. Sigh.


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