February UFO Complete

I did it, I finished my February UFO. Tonight at 10:10 pm I put the last stitch in the binding.


At the beginning of February, this was just 9 12″ blocks that were part of the Quilts Your Way Squishie Swap in 2010. So I’m very happy to have this one done. It’s the first set of Squishie blocks that have made it to quilt status. I have three more years worth of blocks to go. 🙂

I ran out of the Ocean Blue Fusions for the binding so I had to use some of the gold along with the blue. Makes it a little interesting that way. It finishes at about 56″ square. Don’t know what I’ll do with this one, but it’s finished.

Judy has selected number 1 for our March project. I confess, I had to swap my original number 1, Darby’s quilt with number 3, Strip Twist. I will be gone most of March on vacation so there will be very little sewing happening for me. Since number 3 only needs binding at this point, I can actually have a completion for March this way.

Check out Judy’s UFO post to see what others have completed in February.


  1. Very pretty, this challenge is sure pushing us to get things done. I will have to dig #1 off my shelf and take a look at it.


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