Paris Day 1

We arrived at the apartment about 1:30 pm after an hour taxi ride from the airport. After trying the front door code we wrer given about a dozen times and trying to make a phone call to the local contact and failing again, we were stumped as to how we were going to get into the building. Just about that time a knight in shining armor (building tenant) came to our rescue and told us the code had been changed recently. He gave us the new code and we were in.

The next challenge was the front door key. You have to push in, turn counterclockwise, push in again, turn and push. Finally, we got the door open and breathed two sighs of relief.

The apartment is everything we expected, very nice. It has everything including a combination oven/dishwasher. Yes, you read that right. The top portion is the stove/oven; the bottom is a dishwasher.

Amazing. We also have a washer/dryer that is both–a washer and a dryer, in the same space. I’d seen that before.

After unpacking, making up the bed in the living room for K, we decided to head out and find food. We were served a meal about 2 hours before we landed but that was about 9:00 am local time.

From Paris 2011

We walked over to our local favorite Les Bouquets St Paul and had their Chicken and frittes and some Sancerre Blanc. Now we had about four hours to kill because we were not going to sleep before 8:00 pm. So, we walked all over Ile St Louis, had an ice cream cone at Berthillon (Creole or rum raisin), and wandered back to do some shopping at the market right across from the apartment for milk, cereal, Kleenex, and sugar.

Off to sleep shortly after 8.

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